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[Side Note] – The first paragraph below is Cash App’s automatic “Share” paragraph.

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That’s right but here is the REAL reason I’m posting this. Bitcoin has dropped over 15% and shares are currently around $39,500. With cash app, you can buy bitcoin with a debit card, bank account, or any money in your cash app account. The two most important things are this: 1) you can by bitcoin at exchange price, basically the lowest price you can find. 2) now this is really important…CASH APP DOES NOT CHARGE TRANSFER FEES ON BITCOIN. If you are a person like me, who uses exchanges to buy other coins, and you buy bitcoin with cash app, you have to transfer it to the exchange. This means you can buy bitcoin easily, at cost, and with ZERO TRANSFER FEES, that in the long run can save you hundreds or much more. Transferring your Bitcoin would normally cost, right now anyways, around $10-40 worth of the bitcoin you are transferring. Think about that. So if you have NOT been using cash app, sign up above or I’ll put my link below, so we can both benefit from you being referred. Cash app is owned by Square Inc., the people who came out with the portable cards wipers for Apple products. They are, as of now, great to work with.

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The New Binance For U.S. Citizens, and Why I Hate Coinbase!

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I have been a Binance member for about 4 years. In the past year, there was a “disturbance in the force” for anyone that lives in the United States. This, unfortunately, turned out to be a huge problem. The problem; the regular Binance website and app is no longer usable for U.S. citizens; at least those that live in the U.S. Whether it is due to the American government cracking down on crypto exchanges, outside of the U.S., used by its own citizens, or Binance not wanting to deal with all the legal implications that were being thrown their way, I do not know. I would say it is most likely a combination of both.

This left me very frustrated, as Binance has so many options, including DeFi options, long and short options on Bitcoin and a variety of other currencies, and many more things that would take way too long to discuss.

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, and it happens to be in America. For some reason, I have always encounter problems with Coinbase, going back 5 years ago when they secretly passed on all users information to the IRS. But as of the past two years, I maintain a Coinbase account, verified, but they will not let me purchase anything even though I have gone through all verification and my purchase limits are very high. They have no answer as to why they won’t let me purchase anything, despite being a verified member with nothing against my account. Plus, Coinbase has been shady from the first times I used them to this very day…so even if I was allowed to purchase through their exchange, I would no longer do so.

Thankfully, Binance did not give up on its U.S. members. Albeit, the version for the U.S., Binance.us, is a far cry from the main Binance exchange…but it does do everything it has been granted authority to do for its members.

Binance.US app

So for the time being, as governments across the world(and their bosses, the central banks) keep fighting the use of cryptocurrency, we are left with high public officials of the U.S. and U.K. giving major media tons and tons of disinformation and straight out lies about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. As most crypto users know, this is due to crypto’s challenging of the central banking system that rules the world, and has, since at least the 18th century.

To wrap this up, for the moment, anyone in the U.S. that invests or wants to invest in crypto-currencies besides just Bitcoin, I would highly suggest using Binance.us for your number one exchange. It is very simple to get verified, you can use any debit card or bank account for purchasing options, and there is a decent list of top crypto-currencies that is small enough for a beginner to wisely invest in other currencies besides Bitcoin. As opposed to even the regular Binance, the options available weed out the hundreds of new crypto’s that could and do easily bankrupt many people’s investments. I have come to find that this is actually a huge advantage for any level of crypto enthusiast. I hope that anyone reading this gains something from it, and I hope you give Binance.us a try! I’ll leave some images of some of the crypto-currencies available below! Have a wonderful weekend, L3.


Earn Free Bitcoin Every Hour! Bet, Multiply, Earn Interest & More at Freebitco.in

Join Freebitco to earn, bet, lotteries and more

Free rolls every hour, games to play, great referral programs, betting on soccer matches, betting on pretty much anything, all at Freebitco.in !! Here is how much bitcoin I’ve given to my referrals. Stop missing out on free bitcoin…and deposit if you want to win more. As you see, I’ve shared almost $9,000 in bitcoin with my referrals, with more going to my top earners.


Binance Games | Binance Games!

Bplay is a new Binance Affiliate that allows users to play games for cryptocurrency
— Read on https://Bplay.org


Donations for a motherboard

So I have an ATI RADEON 480 (a super graphics card) but my computer has NVidia for its onboard graphics. It has a 5th Generation Intel Core 7i. The new motherboard will be AMD, which I haven’t had in awhile but happy to try it out. The motherboard has to be top of the line, so I’m guessing around 3-500$. Here is my plan, and I sincerely am grateful for the community we have built this far!

Plan: to buy a motherboard that works with my graphics card for my upcoming international job that is compatible with my graphics card I need for work, music, and cryptocurrency. Exact version is: Radeon RX 480 8Ga

How will I take donations? I honestly don’t expect that anyone will help me donations wise, but I’m still going to do the work. I will put my cash app picture and public btc address, snd I Thank you for anything. Oh and, whomever donates the most will get my intel 7Core dell motherboard, they may also take my off board NVIDIA GC that is fast enough to run 3D modeling.

rules about minimum for the high bid and for the overall amount donated:

The minimum high bid must be: $70US the overall amount donated must equal: $400US

Bonus!!!! If this donation goal is met by 03/31/20, the top 5 donators after the winner will each receive half of their donation back in bitcoin. The winner will receive 25% returned in BTC.

Thank you for any help and having never asked for help on the Internet I’m expecting nothing. But only God knows. Thank you again


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CryptoTab – below is the link for me referral pool, which is how everyone makes their money. Be sure to leave the web browser that is mining open; you can leave it and do other things on your computer and it still runs at same speed. But seriously check it out!!

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ABRA: The Ultimate Crypto Wallet that is AMEX Friendly!

Check out ABRA and easily invest in 28 cryptocurrencies or BIT10, an index of the top cryptos. Use my link to sign up and get $25 in free bitcoin after your first Bank/Amex deposit of $5 or more, or 1.5% cash back when you exchange cryptos (T&C apply):



As always, enjoy!
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The Endless Potential of Crypto-currency – Here, you will learn and earn….maximizing your referral, ads, and trading of all digital currencies!

This will be the official homepage and I will be making many changes that I think y’all will enjoy! many updates to come! And Pics 😉 Best Faucets and Wallets For Cryptocurrency Win, refer, invest, the best! Win, earn, invest, the best!
— Read on cryptocareers.blog/


Qapital. The ADHD Saver’s App

I’m using Qapital, the banking app that makes it easy to fund your future – while taking care of your now! We’ll get $5 each for our first Goal if you sign up here:


ok so that’s their little quip. It actually is really cool. Once you set your goal or whatever and connect ur bank account it does all the work for you. So this is one of the SMARTER apps and I’d at least check it out whether u sign up under my referral link above or not. I really don’t care. Just thought I’d share a cool app I’ve recently been using.

Be smart and most importantly, be patient, or use this app to learn patience.

Gl hf 👍🏻 Lon Très ouT~


Step 1 to becoming a successful crypto-currency guru

Step 1 is simple. If you are a beginner, take anything you know or think you know and put it in the back of your memory. Learn correctly and soon you will be more efficient and productive than a group of ten of the old “yous.”

For intermediate cryptos, most of you will give up on this stage. This is truly he hardest stage to overcome in terms of whether you will make it or not. In most certain stances it’s really up to you on how badly you want to be a part of the digital age of money; if you are in it just for a quick buck, you will lose money. You have to envelop yourself in the crypto world because we need so many more people to stand up for de-centralized and legal tender.

Advanced people won’t need information from my page most likely. Miners won’t. Experts won’t. But the more nefarious advanced people will often take advantage of the two above groups with “get BTC quick and cheap with this free tool I made, I just need you to send me 10% of your conversion FIRST.” How many times have y’all seen those? But it is still the Wild West and we can only do our best to look out for each other and stop being so damn greedy. Welcome to my Crypto Life… Très

My Bitcoinsmash.io Stats after 10 Days Of Direct Use…Quite a Shock!!

So since I first posted about using https://btcsmash.io/?i=531083 which is my referral site, I have literally one had one referral sign up…so I earned about 0.0002 bitcoin from that one referral after using the hits received. So I’m campaigning with a contest for a minimum of 500 legitimate referrals(meaning they sign up under my referral site and sign in at least once, otherwise I won’t get the 35 hits nor the referral.) But this is my contest, if 1 person alone can fulfill this for me, I’ll give them .015 BTC from my .035. If someone does 250 referrals, I’ll give them .0075 of my total. If 5 people give my 100 referrals, I’ll give each person .003 BTC. Now on to how well I am doing and why have none of you signed up?

I was at 0.00075 BTC when I made the article pertaining to this website. Although that was over ten days ago, I’ve counted the days that I’ve spend about 1-2 hours on the game, which is about 10. I am about to show you how far I have come, the basic number of hits one will most likely need to earn the 0.035 BTC. But before I go on, I plead with all of you to sign up as my referral, and start signing up referrals. If you get 1,000 referrals that sign up, you will have far more hits than needed to earn the 0.035 BTC. Now to my own experience over about 15 hours over about 10 days of 1-2 hour use.

Firstly, I have jumped from 0.00075 BTC to 0.00607727 BTC. This is 17% of my goal of 0.035. Now here is how I achieved this in such a short period of time, with only one referral(you get 25 hits per real registration, and 10 more hits when someone visits your site….so 1,000 referrals = 35,000 hits automatically.) Next will show you how I accomplished this much by myself. But lemme say one thing first. If we all worked together on this and actually signed up for each other and helped each other gain referrals, this could be done much quicker. I beg that you sign up for me and help me reach 500 referrals. This means that they must be legitimate referrals that sign into their accounts at least once after signing up under my referral page https://btcsmash.io/?i=531083

There is a service provided called “Investing,” where you can wager on whether the current price shown for Bitcoin will be over or under after 5 minutes. You can wager up to 100 hits at a time. I’ll show you my most recent wagers now:


Everyday you get to spin about twice for hits, and I almost always hit 10 extra hits. Also, every 3 hours you can claim 10 hits for free. There is a faucet and mining, but neither work on my iPhone, MacBook, etc. Those with PC and androids will probably have better luck with the captcha issues, which will earn you the ability to mine for hits, and use an hourly faucet. Now that you know the basics, let me get into how I figured out about the average number of successful hits verse total hits.

So over the course on the way from 0.00075 BTC and 0.00607727 BTC, I often averaged my total earnings by simply multiplying the BTC x the total # of hits taken. The entire time, over sections of about 200 hits, I averaged between 0.00038-50 per 200. This comes out to around 19-25% with an average of 22%. This is how you can guess the basic total number of hits needed to reach .035 when over those 200 hits each hit averages to around .00001 BTC, with some as low as .000005, and some as high as .000015. So with an average of around .00001 per successful hit means you need 3,500~ successful hits to earn .035 BTC. Multiply 3,500 x 5(20%) and we get 17,250. Let me show you more pictures of my current situation.

Earn 35 extra hits per referral that signs up and confirms their account.
As one can see I’m about 1/5 done.

So not only do I ask for you to sign up for a chance to win money, or just to help a fellow crypto user, I am offering large rewards for verifiable registered referrals. Plus you might find that it is quite doable in many many different ways. Anyways good luck, thank you, God bless, ~L3

Helium or HNT coin



— Read on cryptomakr.com/helium/

This is a fantastic article and really has a lot of good information on earning quit a bit of free crypto(Helium or HNT as it’s known) every month. Go read the article. I personally would just buy a separate phone for a project like this.

WordPress.com Welcomes the Award-Winning Atavist Magazine to the Platform

The Atavist Magazine, known for its in-depth journalism and creative, elegant design, joins sister site Longreads, making WordPress.com a home for …

WordPress.com Welcomes the Award-Winning Atavist Magazine to the Platform

This is really dope for anyone on WordPress! Check the article out as it probably will help 75% or more of you with new plugins n shit. – Lon3

A Miner Step Forward – Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and Guides

Bitcoin mining is an important part of the network, as demonstrated by last week’s events.
— Read on bitcoinmagazine.com/

This is wonderful news….in the article it says that they have reduced the “difficulty” of mining Bitcoin’s by 28%. All of which came due to China’s crackdown on Bitcoin Miners

A Way For Even The Layperson of Bitcoin to EARN .035 BTC!

I’ll make this really simple. There’s a company called BTC Smash, https://btcsmash.io/?i=531083, which I just left my referral link for. Remember, referrals are always important in all parts of business, so support one another if you are going to use a site!! But the way you earn the BTC can come in a variety of ways. The catch for the company to afford this, is that you can only withdraw once you earn 0.035 BTC. BUT, they give you a ton of ways to earn hits….where you hit different boxes by clicking on a spot and either miss the area or earn from .000005-.000015 in one hit. I’ll show my profile page below, and I’ve barely done much but already have around .00075 BTC….so worth giving it a try again! Check it out for sure! https://btcsmash.io/?i=531083

Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut Breaks His Own Record By Scarfing 76 Hot Dogs In 10 Minutes

Joey Chestnut once again proved himself to be the hungriest guy at Coney Island. Chestnut was among the competitors at the annual Fourth of July …

Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut Breaks His Own Record By Scarfing 76 Hot Dogs In 10 Minutes

I know this isn’t crypto news, but this is a feat worth being on any and every channel!!! 76 hot dogs and 76 buns in 10 mins……just wow…..anyways happy 4th weekend and yea~

Bitcoin fractal setup from 2019 hints BTC price can rebound back to $50K

Bitcoin (BTC) faces the prospects of reaching $47,500-$50,000 based on its current trend’s eerie similarity with the one in June through December …

Bitcoin fractal setup from 2019 hints BTC price can rebound back to $50K

From CryptoWeed.org. Personally, I have seen the graph cycle of bitcoin since it’s inception and we are technically right at the end of a bearish cycle but it could last another 30 or so weeks. But the good news is the next stop for Bitcoin is $100,000, followed by $300,000. Let’s just hope Altcoins keep up 🙂

‘We Want You,’ Pro-Bitcoin Senator Cynthia Lummis Invites Crypto Miners to Wyoming

U.S. lawmaker and bitcoin advocate Cynthia Lummis has indicated that cryptocurrency miners are welcome in Wyoming. In a recent interview, the senator…

‘We Want You,’ Pro-Bitcoin Senator Cynthia Lummis Invites Crypto Miners to Wyoming

From CryptoWeed. This is wonderful. Let’s NOT be the China of the West and use decentralized currency to balance out our national debt while also feeding and providing jobs for those in need!!! -L3

Percocet, Molly Percocet, Percocet, Molly Percocet


Rick n Morty, dragons n Future

What are NFT’s in Crypto? (Non-Fungible Tokens!) – Beginner’s Guide

Date: 2020-11-26 03:18:50

What are NFT’s in Crypto? (Non-Fungible Tokens!) – Beginner’s Guide

Another good lesson on crypto terms!

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