All Numbers Break Down

Many people are familiar with numerology and/or gematria. With numerology, most people don’t know how, where, or why this system can be used to crack codes in messages, books, and namely deal with more “New Age” crap.

Numerology basically goes like this: if you have a number, or set of numbers that add up to > 9, then you must break the number(s) down into a single digit number. Here are a few quick examples; 2 + 6 = 8, thus your number = 8. Now say you have 5 + 9 = 14. 14 can be broken down into 1 + 4 = 5. Here’s a quick hint; any single digit + 9 = the single digit. 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2 (your original single digit.) One more example: 223 + 85 = 308 = 3 + 0 + 8 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2. Many people use numerology for fun in mathematics, while some use it as a tool in religious scholarship.

Gematria is a much older and unique practice that involves two of the most influential languages of all history. The two languages are Hebrew and Greek. Gematria is the practice of assigning a numerical value to a letter, name, word, or phrase according to an alphanumerical cypher. For instance, in Hebrew, each of the 22 letters has a numeric value; Aleph = 1 or 1000, Bet = 2, Gimmel = 3. After the ninth letter, Tet, the next nine letters, starting with Yoda as 10, goes by tens. The last four letters, Qof = 100, Resh = 200, Shin = 300, and Tav(w) = 400. These numerical codes are throughout the entire Bible(KJV AV.) I will let you look into the Greek language of Jesus’ days and how and why it was used for the majority of the New Testament(Textus Receptus; not the Catholic NT or any Modern English Version. The KJV1611 has been attacked by satan and the numerous scholars since it’s inception, first by Cathlolics, then Jesuits, and finally the modern apostate Protestant churches.

If you have any arguments about the history of the words of God, feel free to contact or leave a comment. I will gladly teach you the history of scriptures, and that NO ONE has the “original scrolls” of the Jews. Also, find yourself an independent BIBLE Believing church that understands the dispensations of rightly dividing the word of truth.

I will gladly, in future posts, prove that the NIV, ESV, NASB, and all other modern English Bibles that scholars have changed to fit their own ideas and propaganda. Ideas like the Mormon belief that Jesus and Satan are brothers, or that Jesus and Satan are the same person(NIV Isaiah 14:28 compared with Revelation 16:22,) or “Equivalents” in power. This is a common Freemason, Catholic, Jesuit, etc. belief.

I’ll be back.


Nashville School Shooting

As a person whom lives in Nashville, and knows adults and their children at the school, I am asking for all prayer warriors to please pray for God’s hand to be on Nashville.

I won’t go into specifics, other than the shooter was female, and is one of seven people dead from her actions. The world is we live in is despicable.

Don’t blame guns. Don’t blame anything until you understand the deep truth that the majority of the world dismisses:

The problem is SIN. The heart of man is evil and wicked. Until you personally humble yourselves and give glory and praise to God, and accept Jesus Christ into your hearts as God, Lord and Savior, things will never make sense. Not in this wicked world.

God Bless, Lonny.


New Music Station- LonTrès Nonstop Bangaz

LonTrès Nonstop BANGAZ!

Presented to you by LCubed Music!

My credentials for running a music station? I was born into the music world. I have a music degree from The University of Georgia, focus on classical guitar performance. I’ve been playing guitar of all kinds for 21 years, teaching for 12+ years, performed with bands, and solo recitals with classical guitar.

Beyond this, I have a tremendous ear for good music. 95% of music is just awful, especially since 1995. I love music of all kinds, from all parts of the world. I am only biased in music when it comes to good writing and good performance. Production does matter, but if a song hits hard production can be awful and I will still recognize the genius. So click the above link if you wanna listen to my nonstop BANGAZ.


Pi-Protocol. What is it and Why Should I Care? Passive Income at It’s Best!

First, I want to give a huge shoutout to the $GREED Family, Captain, Rob, Sonny & Nicole, Golden Ratio, to all the others that make this project and family so incredible, and finally to GORDEN, the incredible genius behind Pi Protocol, amongst many other things

Before I lay out all of the ways Pi works, and why it is the project you should not and really cannot pass up, I will leave links to the website, telegram, and discord channel below.

Official Site: https://www.pi-protocol.io

Official Telegram: https://t.me/PIProtocol

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/uzNf4E2Y


💥What is PI Protocol?

A platform where users can actually USE their existing NFTs to increase their value, earn yields, and play a unique NFT game

🚀Price Floor Mechanics – 💯High GFX Artwork –

🏋️‍♀️NFT Aggregator Vaults – 🎲Treasure Hunt Game

🖼NFT Marketplace –💰 NFT Collaterals!



✔️1.5% Treasure Game

✔️0.5% Development Fund

✔️0.5% Burns, removed from supply forever

✔️2.0% Circle Pool, infinite rewards for Circle Holders

🔥Less than 600,000 total supply!

✅ Doxxed & KYC’D Team, Devs.

✅ Long term project with real utilities

✅ Audited

✅ Huge marketing ongoing and planned

One of my favorite Pi NFTs

Next you want to know, how am I going to make money with Pi? Get ready!

💥TOP 11 Different Ways To💥

💰Make Money In PI Protocol💰

✅Buy sCircles and/or bCircles and stake for passive income rewards

☑️Buy more sCircles and/or bCircles using passive income rewards and stake for more compounded passive income rewards

✅Buy PI tokens and stake for PI tokens

☑️Buy PI tokens and stake for Greed tokens

✅Buy PI tokens and stake for Magic tokens

☑️Buy PI Protocol Partner NFT and stake in NFT Vaults Aggregator (All slots are full at the moment)

✅Mint and list your own NFT for sale on PI Protocol open marketplace

☑️Buy and resell NFTs on PI Protocol open marketplace

✅Participate in PI Protocol Treasure Hunt games to win Treasure Hunt NFTs to stake in NFT Vaults Aggregator (All slots are full at the moment)

☑️Participate in PI Protocol Treasure Hunt games to win Treasure Hunt NFTs to sell on PI Protocol open marketplace

✅Buy and hold PI tokens and wait for the Price Floor Sweeper mechanism to activate

So this is a ton of information right? That is why I recommend you join our Telegram and Discord channels because we have admins ready to answer any legit questions or concerns you may have.

This one is just…🤯❤️!

Now onto the NFT Vaults!

Question: What are the calculations behind NFT vaults?

Answer: Assume PIP or PI Token price is $6 in this example.

If you deposit 1 partner NFT or BitCircle, PI Protocol will lend you 60 PIP

60 PIP * $6 = $360

PI Protocol will use this $360 in BNB and stake it in CAKE/BNB staking pool on Pancakeswap for rewards.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 40% so it is 40% * $360 = $144

Monthly Percentage Return (MPR) is $144/12 months = $12

If you choose to withdraw your NFT, your monthly rewards will be $12

If you deposit your NFT prize, PI Protocol will lend you 200 PIP

200 PIP * $6 = $1200

PI Protocol will use this $1200 in BNB and stake it in CAKE/BNB staking pool on Pancakeswap for rewards.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 40% so it is 40% * $1200 = $480

Monthly Percentage Return (MPR) is $480/12 months = $40

If you choose to withdraw your NFT, your monthly rewards will be $40

Vaults Workflow

NFT Aggregator Vaults:


The user stakes his NFT, the NFT goes to PI Staking Contract.

Pi Contract then sells x amount of PI token allocated to the NFT into BNB and buys CAKE/BNB pair.

The Pi Contract stakes the bought CAKE/BNB then into PancakeFarms.

Once the user decides to withdraw from PI NFT Aggregator Vaults, the Pi Contract withdraws from PancakeFarms, sells the CAKE/BNB into BNB, and buys back PI.

The User gets back his NFT and additionally the rewards from CAKE/BNB staking.

The User doesn’t stake on its own, the Pi Contract is the staker and lends the “money” needed to buy the assets to provide free rewards to the NFT holders.

Now finally, to my favorite part of Pi!

Why Stake Bcircles?

When someone buys or sells PI tokens, 2% from 4.5% tax will go to staking rewards.

Imagine the following scenario:

✅ When someone buys sCircle and/or bCircle using BNB

– It is a buy transaction

– 2% goes to staking rewards

✅ When someone buys sCircle or bCircle using staking rewards (compounding)

– It is a sell transaction

– 2% goes to staking rewards

✅ When someone cashes out their staking rewards for BNB

– It is a sell transaction

– 2% goes to staking rewards

💥Weekly % is calculated by total weekly accumulated staking rewards divided by Total Value Locked

💥The price of sCircle is calculated by the price of the LP (PIP/pBNB). A bCircle represents the value of 5 sCircles

💥Total Value Locked is calculated by the total number of bCircles staked

💥There is also a minimum amount of 4000 PI tokens allocated to weekly staking rewards. If the total 2% does not meet this minimum, the project (PI Protocol) will generously add in the difference. If the total 2% exceeded this minimum, the full amount will be distributed

💥Then more bCircles are bought and staked, the more liquidity will be locked and the faster we can activate the Price Floor Sweeper when 2 minimum requirements are met

Now, this is the true beauty of this ecosystem.

💥The APR and weekly displayed on PI Protocol is not your exact APR % because it is due to the time of staking. It is simply the APR % and Weekly % based on the current time of staking. Time of staking means the time when you stake.

Let’s assume the following simple scenario:

✅ You buy a bCircle for $200 and the current Weekly is 5%

✅ You receive 5% * $200 = $10 in PI tokens

✅ Fast forward to 6 months later, a bCircle is $800 and the Weekly % is only 2%

✅ You receive 2% * $800 = $16 in PI tokens

✅ You have only invested or paid $200 to buy the bCircle so your actual % is $16/$200 = 8%, not the 2% that you see on the website

💫This simple scenario above does not include the accumulated rewards that you received for the last 6 months*

If you have stuck it out and done the reading and/or just decided to join the Telegram and Discord channels, congratulations! You are one step closer to financial freedom, my friends. This is, as one person has said, $GREED’s best kept secret.

Last thoughts: There has never been a better time to jump into Pi right now. With prices low, and the floor sweeper yet to hit, you can get in and start making some sCircles and turning those into bCircles. Pi is on the BSC chain, so you want to have your BNB sent to your wallet on this chain, otherwise known as BEP20. The transaction fees are minute in comparison to most Defi projects which use Ethereum.

I’d personally like to thank Nicole for putting these out for anyone on the Telegram to see!! Now go get some and start that life towards freedom!



Pi Protocol is Giving Away NFTs on Discord


Simply click the Twitter link and all the info and discord channel is there. If you don’t want to be a part of the most Genius Defi 2.0 system ever, then we really don’t want you. For the rest, do yourself a favor and join the Pi Discord and learn some things…..

L3 out. /disgusted


ValorBK as Explained by Ken Shamrock, and the Upcoming VBK 2!


First of all, I want to give a huge shoutout and thank you to Ken Shamrock, ValorBK, ValorCoinOfficial, $GREED, and Captain for creating this beautiful connection between the best rising MMA league, ValorBK, and the best crypto team, $GREED.

If you are a fan of MMA, then I implore you to not only watch the above video, but to click on the ValorBK link above and check out ValorBK1 fights. This was the very first event, and was watched by millions on PPV, not to mention a sold out of crowd of 17,000 people! And, what I’m about to say is strictly my opinion; I believe VBK 1 was a kind of test and opportunity to create a platform for showing the world this innovation while also allowing time for media, sponsors, and ohhh yea that COVID thing that shut the world down, before moving on with ValorBK as originally planned.

Little did any of us know what those 2 years would allow Ken and VBK to grow into; that is, a forever growing group of people and companies coming together to forge business partnerships, big-time investors, and a move that allowed VBK to partner with $GREED and create the first ever MMA crypto coin. “Captain Awesome,” the creator of the $Babydogeinu token and the company $GREED, which also created crypto’s first ever music label… $GREED Music …joined with Ken and ValorBK to create The Valor token, or ValorCoinOfficial.

“Valor Sports Coin is the FIRST Crypto Ecosystem to combine the thrill of Combat Sports, NFTS, the Metaverse, and the value of Digital Collectibles on the Binance Blockchain.” – VSC

And with Valor Sports Coin having just released, this leads to our original topic; ValorBK. You might wonder why I have given so much information about things other than ValorBK. Well, my friends, with the release of the first ever MMA crypto coin, news was released about VBK 2, ValorBK’s second event! Only this time, the event is going to be so incredible, due to the nonstop efforts of Ken, ValorBK, ValorCoinOfficial, Captain Awesome, $GREED, and $GREED Music. And I’m about to give you all the juicy details.

VBK 2 will take place April 22, 2022, in Miami, Florida at the James L Knight Center. But the fights aren’t the only event happening. Halfway through the fights, $GREED Music will be putting on a show with hip-hop LEGENDS, Fat Joe & Busta Rhymes!

With all of this said, I leave you with a couple last thoughts. Imagine buying Valor Sports Coin now, before the upcoming event. If you are an even somewhat intelligent investor, you’ll be buying as much Valor beforehand as you can. I’ll give you the link to $GREEDSwap here. This is where you can buy Valor Sports Coin, also called Valor$, GREED, & BABYDOGEINU with BNB(BEP20) otherwise known as BNB on Binance Smart Chain(BSC.) All three coins can be bought with BNB on the BSC. So when you send your BNB to your wallet, make sure you choose the BEP20 choice for your wallet address and for the chain you send your BNB through.

And with that said, I’m out. Good luck with your purchases, and don’t forget to watch VBK 2, wether you can go in person or watch on PPV. You won’t regret it, especially if you’ve bought VALOR$ and GREED! 🙂



Ive Got a Whole Lot To Say But Will Tomorrow Come, Or Be Just Another Day

Reminds me of a time…about 2000 years ago….with an Empire that ruled the world with Senators running the show while presiden…I mean emperors we’re puppets, occasionally being taken out by the elites. What do men learn from history? That men never learn from history. And Im not speaking on the taxes in the tokenomics…I’m speaking of the illegal taxation, taken by force if needed, of one’s personal income and personal belongings. And now the empero…i mean President wants to have 80,000 more IRS agents, “but to trust the people creating this agenda that they only intend on going after people that make over $1 million…” when their own president uses legitimate tax shelters to pay a mere 17-18% tax after earning over 11 million dollars. Hypocritical much? How about enforcing any new law to go back to anyones earnings they’ve ever made and just become more socialist. The media got real quiet and conveniently overshadowed the crimes of the people they serve, the unseen and untouchables, continue to put out some fake devised propaganda so they can get away with selling off this entire country to the world. The elites purposely keep the ways they “legally” get out of partaking in the very bills and laws they create. Everyone about to lose everything in stock markets across the world. Next 5-15 years. I’m sure many of you know this. But just a little hint from someone who used to also be in finance….I’d turn any stocks, 401ks, Roth IRAs, FIUL’s into a liquid position soon….such as Precious metals or whatever protects you from the 2008 falllout that will this time around be far worse. That’s why I’m in crypto. Most people still have most of their life savings in unprotected positions with few to no options. The umbrella strategy is great, if you know how to properly use it, and if the government doesn’t make s-companies change or outlawed. I’ve got just one more thing to say, in honor of [words of Eminem, slightly rearranged] ‘the men that have died for the stars and the stripes for the rights to protect and the women and men who have broken their necks for the freedom of speech the United States government has sworn to uphold, or so we’re told…

Fuck you Ms. Cheney, Fuck you Tipper Gore,

Fuck you with the freest speech this Divided States of Embarrassment will allow me to have….

Fuck you’


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Why You MUST Join Cash App Today…Just Do It.

[Side Note] – The first paragraph below is Cash App’s automatic “Share” paragraph.

Hey! I’ve been using Cash App to send money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and you’ll get $5. QRXHLHS

That’s right but here is the REAL reason I’m posting this. Bitcoin has dropped over 15% and shares are currently around $39,500. With cash app, you can buy bitcoin with a debit card, bank account, or any money in your cash app account. The two most important things are this: 1) you can by bitcoin at exchange price, basically the lowest price you can find. 2) now this is really important…CASH APP DOES NOT CHARGE TRANSFER FEES ON BITCOIN. If you are a person like me, who uses exchanges to buy other coins, and you buy bitcoin with cash app, you have to transfer it to the exchange. This means you can buy bitcoin easily, at cost, and with ZERO TRANSFER FEES, that in the long run can save you hundreds or much more. Transferring your Bitcoin would normally cost, right now anyways, around $10-40 worth of the bitcoin you are transferring. Think about that. So if you have NOT been using cash app, sign up above or I’ll put my link below, so we can both benefit from you being referred. Cash app is owned by Square Inc., the people who came out with the portable cards wipers for Apple products. They are, as of now, great to work with.

Join Cash App Today and start getting your Bitcoin at exchange prices!



The New Binance For U.S. Citizens, and Why I Hate Coinbase!

Check out Binance.US right away! Get back to investing in crypto besides just Bitcoin!!

I have been a Binance member for about 4 years. In the past year, there was a “disturbance in the force” for anyone that lives in the United States. This, unfortunately, turned out to be a huge problem. The problem; the regular Binance website and app is no longer usable for U.S. citizens; at least those that live in the U.S. Whether it is due to the American government cracking down on crypto exchanges, outside of the U.S., used by its own citizens, or Binance not wanting to deal with all the legal implications that were being thrown their way, I do not know. I would say it is most likely a combination of both.

This left me very frustrated, as Binance has so many options, including DeFi options, long and short options on Bitcoin and a variety of other currencies, and many more things that would take way too long to discuss.

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, and it happens to be in America. For some reason, I have always encounter problems with Coinbase, going back 5 years ago when they secretly passed on all users information to the IRS. But as of the past two years, I maintain a Coinbase account, verified, but they will not let me purchase anything even though I have gone through all verification and my purchase limits are very high. They have no answer as to why they won’t let me purchase anything, despite being a verified member with nothing against my account. Plus, Coinbase has been shady from the first times I used them to this very day…so even if I was allowed to purchase through their exchange, I would no longer do so.

Thankfully, Binance did not give up on its U.S. members. Albeit, the version for the U.S., Binance.us, is a far cry from the main Binance exchange…but it does do everything it has been granted authority to do for its members.

Binance.US app

So for the time being, as governments across the world(and their bosses, the central banks) keep fighting the use of cryptocurrency, we are left with high public officials of the U.S. and U.K. giving major media tons and tons of disinformation and straight out lies about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. As most crypto users know, this is due to crypto’s challenging of the central banking system that rules the world, and has, since at least the 18th century.

To wrap this up, for the moment, anyone in the U.S. that invests or wants to invest in crypto-currencies besides just Bitcoin, I would highly suggest using Binance.us for your number one exchange. It is very simple to get verified, you can use any debit card or bank account for purchasing options, and there is a decent list of top crypto-currencies that is small enough for a beginner to wisely invest in other currencies besides Bitcoin. As opposed to even the regular Binance, the options available weed out the hundreds of new crypto’s that could and do easily bankrupt many people’s investments. I have come to find that this is actually a huge advantage for any level of crypto enthusiast. I hope that anyone reading this gains something from it, and I hope you give Binance.us a try! I’ll leave some images of some of the crypto-currencies available below! Have a wonderful weekend, L3.


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Binance Games | Binance Games!

Bplay is a new Binance Affiliate that allows users to play games for cryptocurrency
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Donations for a motherboard

So I have an ATI RADEON 480 (a super graphics card) but my computer has NVidia for its onboard graphics. It has a 5th Generation Intel Core 7i. The new motherboard will be AMD, which I haven’t had in awhile but happy to try it out. The motherboard has to be top of the line, so I’m guessing around 3-500$. Here is my plan, and I sincerely am grateful for the community we have built this far!

Plan: to buy a motherboard that works with my graphics card for my upcoming international job that is compatible with my graphics card I need for work, music, and cryptocurrency. Exact version is: Radeon RX 480 8Ga

How will I take donations? I honestly don’t expect that anyone will help me donations wise, but I’m still going to do the work. I will put my cash app picture and public btc address, snd I Thank you for anything. Oh and, whomever donates the most will get my intel 7Core dell motherboard, they may also take my off board NVIDIA GC that is fast enough to run 3D modeling.

rules about minimum for the high bid and for the overall amount donated:

The minimum high bid must be: $70US the overall amount donated must equal: $400US

Bonus!!!! If this donation goal is met by 03/31/20, the top 5 donators after the winner will each receive half of their donation back in bitcoin. The winner will receive 25% returned in BTC.

Thank you for any help and having never asked for help on the Internet I’m expecting nothing. But only God knows. Thank you again


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As always, enjoy!
LonnardTree out


The Endless Potential of Crypto-currency – Here, you will learn and earn….maximizing your referral, ads, and trading of all digital currencies!

This will be the official homepage and I will be making many changes that I think y’all will enjoy! many updates to come! And Pics 😉 Best Faucets and Wallets For Cryptocurrency Win, refer, invest, the best! Win, earn, invest, the best!
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Qapital. The ADHD Saver’s App

I’m using Qapital, the banking app that makes it easy to fund your future – while taking care of your now! We’ll get $5 each for our first Goal if you sign up here:


ok so that’s their little quip. It actually is really cool. Once you set your goal or whatever and connect ur bank account it does all the work for you. So this is one of the SMARTER apps and I’d at least check it out whether u sign up under my referral link above or not. I really don’t care. Just thought I’d share a cool app I’ve recently been using.

Be smart and most importantly, be patient, or use this app to learn patience.

Gl hf 👍🏻 Lon Très ouT~


Step 1 to becoming a successful crypto-currency guru

Step 1 is simple. If you are a beginner, take anything you know or think you know and put it in the back of your memory. Learn correctly and soon you will be more efficient and productive than a group of ten of the old “yous.”

For intermediate cryptos, most of you will give up on this stage. This is truly he hardest stage to overcome in terms of whether you will make it or not. In most certain stances it’s really up to you on how badly you want to be a part of the digital age of money; if you are in it just for a quick buck, you will lose money. You have to envelop yourself in the crypto world because we need so many more people to stand up for de-centralized and legal tender.

Advanced people won’t need information from my page most likely. Miners won’t. Experts won’t. But the more nefarious advanced people will often take advantage of the two above groups with “get BTC quick and cheap with this free tool I made, I just need you to send me 10% of your conversion FIRST.” How many times have y’all seen those? But it is still the Wild West and we can only do our best to look out for each other and stop being so damn greedy. Welcome to my Crypto Life… Très

John Marlee ~ ‘Mo Money’


Any old heads, MM fans, hip hop fans need to check this man out. He got tons of songs out and is the REAL THING, out of Philadelphia. His music can make you cry, feel empathy, get pumped, it’s about good for anything.

Philly put so many good rappers out, but this man is different. Don’t forget that name


Lost $ From The Latest FTX SCANDAL? Consider SafePal

As a longtime SafePal Wallet and App user, I HGHLY recommend them as one of your soft wallet choices. Some of you will already know this, but you should never be using just one app or wallet. I have about 4-6 separate soft wallets, wherein I can access all of the same funds using multi-chain wallets. If you don’t already have it, just click above or use the QR to install! The number that shows a referral code is my referral number, so if you download separately I would very much appreciate you using me as your referral. Once you have the app, you will understand why!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, life just gets in the way sometimes ;]

Limited Edition, Knitted Red Angry Bird & Rubber Ducky NFT!


The Problem With Electric Cars.

The energy, and actual cost required to run and charge your typical electric vehicle varies, depending on when you charge it, your location, and so many other variables that this brings me to my next point.

Electric cars should never have been the future of automobiles. The problem of running a standard gas fed engine was solved in the 1950’s, and again in the 1970’s by three men that created alternatives: running the car on pure water, and running the car on a closed battery that gave a car once fitted properly, infinite miles of energy. The first man was forced out and bought out by the automobile/oil industries in the 1950’s.

The second man’s first innovation was quickly bought out. Not happy with the way things were forced upon him, he produced a new way to in essence do the same thing. He brought said project to a major trade show. And as the story goes, as told by those who had befriended him at the trade show; after the first day, his spot and booth were completely gone. No one knew what had happened to the man.

The third man was poisoned. His literal last words were “they poisoned me those sons’ of bitches,” which he, falling to his knees, collapsing of a heart attack brought on by the poison, told to his brother as his brother was rushing to him from just a few yards away. I don’t give you even a glimpse into his ideas, for good reason.

So to finish this, electric cars are just another façade about global warming, climate change, whatever you may call it. I won’t waste my time showing the evidence of why climate change is all a part of an agenda that has allowed numerous people to get extremely wealthy, because most of you are too blind to see reality. Most of you still think Daddy Government is “looking out for your best interests,” while Mommy Media is “keeping you informed of the truth!”

Im not a “WOKE” idiot. Yes, people who are in this crowd no less than the above group. These are all the same idiots who will never take responsibility for their actions. People who will never truly open their eyes. This is because most people would rather believe a convenient lie than live the reality of truth, even though it would set them free. People today are too concentrated on themselves, rather than life itself, and finding real Truth, that at one point or more is in the heart of all human beings.

So buy your electric cars you dumb apes. And don’t forget to drop your already removed balls off at the zoo.

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