Bitcoin’s Continual Plummeting…What Does Cryptocurrency’s Future Hold?

So Bitcoin decided to go down to just above $30,000 a share this morning. Many people believe it will continue and settle around $20k. There are a few top experts and a lot of people that think the exact opposite, and that Bitcoin’s next “resting point” will be $100,000. Everyone has their opinions but not too many people actually know what they are talking about…

As for me, I have said Bitcoin will hit at least $100,000 2 years ago. Now, could it go down and settle at $20k, then eventually shoot up to $100k or more, making both sides right, and both sides wrong. All I know is that if Bitcoin does not get near $100k by February 2022, then cryptocurrency in general, will likely be in big trouble. But there is just too much at stake, and we all know what makes the world turn….money money money 💵. Do some people want Bitcoin to fail? Yes. Mostly the political and banking elites. So the bigger question is do we have an option to just let Bitcoin fall by the wayside? A Big Banker’s dream….but we can’t let this dream become a reality.

We need more structured communication and community in the Bitcoin world. We need more of the big holders of major coins to be the ones to help communities. What better way to be accepted, than by loving thy neighbor and giving them help? We need to STOP RELYING ON THE GOVERNMENT, as we all SHOULD know. So, as little as my page is, I still declare that the crypto community, specifically those with the means, need to step in and take care of their own communities. Wanna make bankers and elites cringe and scream like the little manipulative babies they are? Then be better people than them. That is the first step. And if you are able to give to a person in need, a store in need, a town in need, DO IT! This is the only way the crypto community can ever defeat Central Banking.

Im out – L3


US Senators Call for Increased Measures to Regulate and Trace Cryptocurrencies – Regulation Bitcoin News

Two U.S. senators have urged lawmakers to increase measures to regulate cryptocurrencies, including how to trace cryptocurrency transactions, in …

US Senators Call for Increased Measures to Regulate and Trace Cryptocurrencies – Regulation Bitcoin News

And it continues….🖕🏻🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿


The Community of Crypto

I find this a bit tough to write. I know what I’m going to say, but I have a hard time actually wanting to type the words. I don’t feel “the future” will be any better in regards to this, what I’ll call a Common Community Spirit, due to capitalistic vulturism we live in, when it comes to money. I’m not speaking for or against capitalism here, just making an analogy.

You’ll find this type of spirit in the sports world. It’ll be a common set of occurrences like your morning time “Good morning sir how are you?” from the cashier behind the register. Or one’s and most in the community’s own pride to keep the community, the city clean, in well standing, a place people want to visit. If you see where I’m going with this, including the sports world.

But when it comes down to the crypto world, the possibility of an 1849 gold rush miracle to become the next Ether, LTC, etc…this is what is going to allow for a bunch of well off companies, a ton of companies working a decent bit to stay in the “above middle class,” and so many more companies that are scams, fraudulent, or a company barely making $5,000 a month in profit…and many much less.

There will never be an entire crypto community standing strong enough together to make positive change. There will, however be a lot of smaller communities hopefully acting for the betterment of the entire crypto community AND doing great things for their own smaller communities, which will likely have a dominoes effect on the rest of the majority of communities. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend! Lon3


My Family, My Music, all to the Glory of God!


Love you Shanny, Mom, Dad, Aria & Zach and all my family and in-laws! This is for y’all 🙂


N2: The First Possible Decentralized Global Currency?


I’m very intrigued by this idea, but many have made this claim before. And many are still making that claim. But we shall see…feel free to comment and lemme know what you think. This page is growing, and once it hits a certain level I will be building a separate site that has jobs for crypto. These won’t be like most “get paid 30 Satoshi for watching RV” websites and apps. This will actually become a connection for people needing skilled workers of all kinds, from plenty of jobs that can be done from home, contracting jobs for construction, driver jobs, etc. MY minimum “dollar per hour,” will be $20/hr for the low skill/lowsupply and many of the at home jobs. I won’t get into what I intend to pay for an average hourly wage, as most people know there’s a wide range of averages across the different lines of work.

Anyways, your worker status in your first year will be basically a 10-99. If you hit 3 straight years of working at least 30 hours a week for at least 40 weeks per year, we will discuss your role in the company. I will most likely offer you a salaried position, that might start you working 75% of the time on your old jobs and 25% of your time doing work directly/learning skills/management training. There will also be positions that are automatically salaried, with the potentials for bonuses. As for your PAY, which will be paid in Bitcoin or other easily liquidated crypto that can be held in an account through my work site, moved to any address you own, or with Direct Deposit where you will be paid the coin or coins you choose for that day/week by taking every coins’ Closing Price to determine your amount.

Not yet available in America


Binance Tweet Might Have Major Implications For Us Cryptos!

To me, this is actually a pretty hard question, at the end of May, at the end of a horrific month of pretty much all non major Defi coins losing 25-50% or more over about three major periods of loss. But after quickly getting over my own self pity, knowing that I made great moves during this loss that will gain me even more money when the rebound(s) occurs. And in reality, because of the trades I’ve made, and major diversification outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum, I really haven’t lost much, and nowhere near 50 percent. So this leaves us with the question…what will be THE crypto to watch this June? It took me about 10 seconds to decide on my answer. And less time to think it through.

The crypto to watch this June(if I can only pick one) is ADA, also known as Cardano. Check out Cardano’s homepage and see all of the projects they are involved in. https://cardano.org

I have a ton of reasons for this, as I do my due diligence and research. For one, I always trust my gut. Ever since I got into crypto in 2015, I have made moves and predictions for Bitcoin prices that are remarkably scary in how accurate they were and are. This was even before I read different crypto experts’ thoughts on the crypto world, whether Ethereum will take over Bitcoin, why Bitcoin has a basis for actual financial backing whereas Ether doesn’t, the future prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum, from years ago to this day….and so on. But I predicted the jump to 50,000 for Bitcoin for this year, in late 2018, I predicted Bitcoin’s jump to 25-30,000 in the quarter of the year it happened, about 1.5 years before it happened. I’m no crypto super expert, and definitely not one who knows the future. I look at exchange patterns, growth potential, scarcity, and most importantly I listen to my gut instinct. So take this for what it is worth, but I’m definitely not the only person saying this, as there are legitimate experts in the field that predict ADA to hit $2.50, $4, and $6.50 by the end of the year. There is one well know expert that predicts Cardano could hit up to $40 a share by February 2022. No matter what, after watching, buying, and trading for ADA over the last year, This is one currency you can invest in and not worry much at all about the possibility of it tanking. It’s just not going to happen. So my suggestion would be buy it now while it is still low, before any major rebounds by all crypto!! Good luck, feel free to leave your opinions on ADA, or any other coin you think should be watched this June! Later y’all, -Lon3


WAKE UP! This might be your last chance….to get..,in…. the Early Age of Bitcoin’s Rise to be Part of our Future’s Leaders Demise

Update. As crypto is tending towards major losses, DO NOT FREAK OUT. This is actually a good sign. This is a great time to buy some altcoins(im currently a lot of ADA, VTHO, LINK, and VET.) Then watch throughout the day and week how it goes…trade smartly…and don’t be afraid to take a minor loss on selling one currency to buy a top Altcoin that will far exceed your minor loss in gained value. A Great sign, for the stability in future markets and let’s just hope China puts a ban on all bitcoin!! At bottom of this post is the current prices for about 30 crypto. now is time to Buy. Just don’t spend all at once. Spend half or so today, on at least 3-4 different currencies, then watch the market, especially Monday night and Tuesday. If it is still low or looks to be heading for a huge reduction, wait until/if that happens. Then buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some major Altcoins st very low prices! Good luck 👍🏻– Lon3

What? Did you expect some idiotic rant for 30,000 fucking words? Just do your job…buy bitcoin now!

This might be your last chance….to get..,in…. the Early Age of Bitcoin’s Rise to be Part of our Future’s Leaders Demise
Top 30 or so trading crypto at the moment, on Binance. Now is time to buy altcoins. Especially ADA, MATIC, LINK, ETC, LITECOIN, VET, VTHO.

We went from $20 trillion to over $100 trillion in 30 years… how? The FED prints money… LOTS of money… every government does this… which makes your money worth less every year… this is why we need Bitcoin 💸 — Cryptocurrency Analysis

We went from $20 trillion to over $100 trillion in 30 years… how? The FED prints money… LOTS of money… every government does this… which makes your money worth less every year… this is why we need Bitcoin 💸 — Cryptocurrency
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Why You MUST Join Cash App Today…Just Do It.

[Side Note] – The first paragraph below is Cash App’s automatic “Share” paragraph.

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That’s right but here is the REAL reason I’m posting this. Bitcoin has dropped over 15% and shares are currently around $39,500. With cash app, you can buy bitcoin with a debit card, bank account, or any money in your cash app account. The two most important things are this: 1) you can by bitcoin at exchange price, basically the lowest price you can find. 2) now this is really important…CASH APP DOES NOT CHARGE TRANSFER FEES ON BITCOIN. If you are a person like me, who uses exchanges to buy other coins, and you buy bitcoin with cash app, you have to transfer it to the exchange. This means you can buy bitcoin easily, at cost, and with ZERO TRANSFER FEES, that in the long run can save you hundreds or much more. Transferring your Bitcoin would normally cost, right now anyways, around $10-40 worth of the bitcoin you are transferring. Think about that. So if you have NOT been using cash app, sign up above or I’ll put my link below, so we can both benefit from you being referred. Cash app is owned by Square Inc., the people who came out with the portable cards wipers for Apple products. They are, as of now, great to work with.

Join Cash App Today and start getting your Bitcoin at exchange prices!



The New Binance For U.S. Citizens, and Why I Hate Coinbase!

Check out Binance.US right away! Get back to investing in crypto besides just Bitcoin!!

I have been a Binance member for about 4 years. In the past year, there was a “disturbance in the force” for anyone that lives in the United States. This, unfortunately, turned out to be a huge problem. The problem; the regular Binance website and app is no longer usable for U.S. citizens; at least those that live in the U.S. Whether it is due to the American government cracking down on crypto exchanges, outside of the U.S., used by its own citizens, or Binance not wanting to deal with all the legal implications that were being thrown their way, I do not know. I would say it is most likely a combination of both.

This left me very frustrated, as Binance has so many options, including DeFi options, long and short options on Bitcoin and a variety of other currencies, and many more things that would take way too long to discuss.

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, and it happens to be in America. For some reason, I have always encounter problems with Coinbase, going back 5 years ago when they secretly passed on all users information to the IRS. But as of the past two years, I maintain a Coinbase account, verified, but they will not let me purchase anything even though I have gone through all verification and my purchase limits are very high. They have no answer as to why they won’t let me purchase anything, despite being a verified member with nothing against my account. Plus, Coinbase has been shady from the first times I used them to this very day…so even if I was allowed to purchase through their exchange, I would no longer do so.

Thankfully, Binance did not give up on its U.S. members. Albeit, the version for the U.S., Binance.us, is a far cry from the main Binance exchange…but it does do everything it has been granted authority to do for its members.

Binance.US app

So for the time being, as governments across the world(and their bosses, the central banks) keep fighting the use of cryptocurrency, we are left with high public officials of the U.S. and U.K. giving major media tons and tons of disinformation and straight out lies about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. As most crypto users know, this is due to crypto’s challenging of the central banking system that rules the world, and has, since at least the 18th century.

To wrap this up, for the moment, anyone in the U.S. that invests or wants to invest in crypto-currencies besides just Bitcoin, I would highly suggest using Binance.us for your number one exchange. It is very simple to get verified, you can use any debit card or bank account for purchasing options, and there is a decent list of top crypto-currencies that is small enough for a beginner to wisely invest in other currencies besides Bitcoin. As opposed to even the regular Binance, the options available weed out the hundreds of new crypto’s that could and do easily bankrupt many people’s investments. I have come to find that this is actually a huge advantage for any level of crypto enthusiast. I hope that anyone reading this gains something from it, and I hope you give Binance.us a try! I’ll leave some images of some of the crypto-currencies available below! Have a wonderful weekend, L3.


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Binance Games | Binance Games!

Bplay is a new Binance Affiliate that allows users to play games for cryptocurrency
— Read on https://Bplay.org


Donations for a motherboard

So I have an ATI RADEON 480 (a super graphics card) but my computer has NVidia for its onboard graphics. It has a 5th Generation Intel Core 7i. The new motherboard will be AMD, which I haven’t had in awhile but happy to try it out. The motherboard has to be top of the line, so I’m guessing around 3-500$. Here is my plan, and I sincerely am grateful for the community we have built this far!

Plan: to buy a motherboard that works with my graphics card for my upcoming international job that is compatible with my graphics card I need for work, music, and cryptocurrency. Exact version is: Radeon RX 480 8Ga

How will I take donations? I honestly don’t expect that anyone will help me donations wise, but I’m still going to do the work. I will put my cash app picture and public btc address, snd I Thank you for anything. Oh and, whomever donates the most will get my intel 7Core dell motherboard, they may also take my off board NVIDIA GC that is fast enough to run 3D modeling.

rules about minimum for the high bid and for the overall amount donated:

The minimum high bid must be: $70US the overall amount donated must equal: $400US

Bonus!!!! If this donation goal is met by 03/31/20, the top 5 donators after the winner will each receive half of their donation back in bitcoin. The winner will receive 25% returned in BTC.

Thank you for any help and having never asked for help on the Internet I’m expecting nothing. But only God knows. Thank you again


The Easiest and Quickest site to buy, lend, and sell Bitcoin!


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Investors/Lenders of Bitcoin, check out this site…I think the intelligent and moderate investors will love it



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CryptoTab – below is the link for me referral pool, which is how everyone makes their money. Be sure to leave the web browser that is mining open; you can leave it and do other things on your computer and it still runs at same speed. But seriously check it out!!

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ABRA: The Ultimate Crypto Wallet that is AMEX Friendly!

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As always, enjoy!
LonnardTree out


The Endless Potential of Crypto-currency – Here, you will learn and earn….maximizing your referral, ads, and trading of all digital currencies!

This will be the official homepage and I will be making many changes that I think y’all will enjoy! many updates to come! And Pics 😉 Best Faucets and Wallets For Cryptocurrency Win, refer, invest, the best! Win, earn, invest, the best!
— Read on cryptocareers.blog/


Qapital. The ADHD Saver’s App

I’m using Qapital, the banking app that makes it easy to fund your future – while taking care of your now! We’ll get $5 each for our first Goal if you sign up here:


ok so that’s their little quip. It actually is really cool. Once you set your goal or whatever and connect ur bank account it does all the work for you. So this is one of the SMARTER apps and I’d at least check it out whether u sign up under my referral link above or not. I really don’t care. Just thought I’d share a cool app I’ve recently been using.

Be smart and most importantly, be patient, or use this app to learn patience.

Gl hf 👍🏻 Lon Très ouT~


Step 1 to becoming a successful crypto-currency guru

Step 1 is simple. If you are a beginner, take anything you know or think you know and put it in the back of your memory. Learn correctly and soon you will be more efficient and productive than a group of ten of the old “yous.”

For intermediate cryptos, most of you will give up on this stage. This is truly he hardest stage to overcome in terms of whether you will make it or not. In most certain stances it’s really up to you on how badly you want to be a part of the digital age of money; if you are in it just for a quick buck, you will lose money. You have to envelop yourself in the crypto world because we need so many more people to stand up for de-centralized and legal tender.

Advanced people won’t need information from my page most likely. Miners won’t. Experts won’t. But the more nefarious advanced people will often take advantage of the two above groups with “get BTC quick and cheap with this free tool I made, I just need you to send me 10% of your conversion FIRST.” How many times have y’all seen those? But it is still the Wild West and we can only do our best to look out for each other and stop being so damn greedy. Welcome to my Crypto Life… Très

What are NFT’s in Crypto? (Non-Fungible Tokens!) – Beginner’s Guide

Date: 2020-11-26 03:18:50

What are NFT’s in Crypto? (Non-Fungible Tokens!) – Beginner’s Guide

Another good lesson on crypto terms!


A Guide to Understanding Exchange Rates There are few things as exciting as travel. Be it a holiday to some place simple and warm, or a cultural or …


This is a good article…check it out!!

Jay Leno Breaks Land-Speed Record Driving Tesla Model S Plaid

Jay Leno just set a new land-speed record, and he has Elon Musk to thank for it. The former “Tonight Show” host was recording a segment for an …

Jay Leno Breaks Land-Speed Record Driving Tesla Model S Plaid

This is really cool!

Residual Vs Linear Income

This explains itself. But it only gives one the idea that a non-ending source of income over time outweighs your regular, or typical income streams. This is so true. That’s why developing some sort of residual income is almost a must do in this world now. Something that you maybe invest a lot more time in the beginning than in the few years after, but your work will only decrease once you have a significant difference in lifestyle to the point that you could survive another 20-60 years on this income stream.

How To Compose Articles To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website

You probably understand by now that a person of the very best approaches of driving extremely targeted visitors to your website is through making use…

How To Compose Articles To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website

This is a great, simple article that gives people the answers to what is a major factor of your traffic source and more…cool stuff 👍🏻

10 Members Of The Princess Diana-Supported HALO Trust Killed In Afghanistan

Less than a month before Prince Harry and Prince William are set to reunite to honour their late mother Princess Diana on what would’ve been her 60th…

10 Members Of The Princess Diana-Supported HALO Trust Killed In Afghanistan

I know this is mainly a crypto page…but just ran across this and yea…just wow ………so sad……

It’s a Wonderful Time to Invest in Crypto!

Just look

How to Make Money Selling Things Online

How to Make Money Selling Things Online

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The web’s biggest list of Cryptocurrency Jobs and Blockchain Jobs

The web’s biggest list of Cryptocurrency Jobs and Blockchain Jobs

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Bitcoin’s Continual Plummeting…What Does Cryptocurrency’s Future Hold?

Bitcoin’s Continual Plummeting…What Does Cryptocurrency’s Future Hold?

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I reiterate

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