The Current State of Affairs

As I write this I am dealing with a lot of internal struggle to adapt to the world we live in: the “fake” adaption of but a shadow of reality. We see around 5% of visible matter/energy/the world…that leaves a good chunk that scientists can work towards. As of now, a 5th state of matter has already been created by messing with lasers and the cooling of certain lightweight atoms. The 20th century led to evil, reckless, and the attainment of knowledge not meant for humans to know; mainly fusion and fission on nuclear level. Somehow with CERN and the other particle accelerators, I believe the science of knowingly seeking to reach entities through the smashing of atoms and all that shit I don’t care to know the particulars of is more evil than nuclear weapons, and with the cross exponentiation of all technology like A.I., neural networks for living beings, and the sometime soon to be revealing of “contact with aliens.” When these “aliens” appear, know that one, they are from this world. Not anywhere else. And they won’t be what they seem.

Don’t trust anything but God and your instincts during these times. There is still time to come to know the Savior of Humankind, Yeshua the Messiah, Adonai the Father, and the Holy Spirit as it dwells within those in faith. Test every spirit, being. Then you will know what some already know will happen. And what these beings are. Read Ephesians chapter 6 during these times. Never be a coward because the ruler of this current state of affairs(it’s his dominion, but God is still in control and active, as the war between God and Lucifer began long ago. And yes Elohim could have immediately put all evil in its place, as The Almighty Father, Jesus, The Holy Spirit…the trinity that is But One is the creator. The dimensions that even Lucifer can access is determined by God. So Lucifer never had a chance. But the reason God let things play out as they have is to show His Unconditional love for the creation He made in His image, that though Adam and Eve were of flesh and not pure immortal spirit like the angels, the angels were commanded to serve humans. Which led to the rebellion, sin of violence and pride were found in Lucifer, the covering Cherub. 1/3 went with him. The reality of all of our lives is we are spirit beings in a digital body for only a small time. We live in a digital world. Planck discovered this. But time is quickening. We are nearing the end of one era, about to enter another. Be Vigilant. Read your Bible. Be careful about letting demonic activity into your life through sin. Most importantly, repent of all sin, everyday, and ask Jesus(Yeshua) to save you and to open your heart and fill you with the Holy Spirit.

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