Zachariah the Dog, aka lil Stevie Vai. Rest In Peace my Little Buddy

The YT short ^^ is a great clip. I’ll leave a couple pics at the end of this blog.

Zach was my parents’ dog for 16 years. He helped my dad(and mom with other things) who is a Honorably Discharged Disabled Veteran of The United States Air Force, 23 years served. God truly sent exactly the dog he needed for that time.

I was already off to University when they got Zach. During my first two years I made plenty of trips home as it was a 2 hour drive. Zach always loved me, and especially my wife. I Praise You God Almighty for the impact Zach had on many people’s lives. Without Jesus Christ, there would be no “existence.” I pray to my Heavenly Father all things in Jesus’ Name. AMEN

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