BREAKING NEWS: More Crypto Market Crash? Altcoins Surge

Date: 2021-05-18 22:34:29

BREAKING NEWS: More Crypto Market Crash? Altcoins Surge

It’s already been a crazy year for crypto. This year will be that much crazier…anyways here’s a good article about all this^^

Common Terminology With Bitcoin

One way to learn about bitcoin is to learn the terminology. There are very specific words that are used to discuss bitcoins, and knowing these words …

Common Terminology With Bitcoin

This is a very good article for like 90% of the people I know. Including many followers. But so many people have no clue what I mean when I even say Blockchain, that if they had a list like this, which I will be sending to my parents, in laws, wife, and many more people! This is an easy to understand list that gives a simple explanation of words that I use every day that most the people I talk to tell me they wished they understood even a word I was saying. So yea. Good entry~ Lon3

The Community of Crypto

I find this a bit tough to write. I know what I’m going to say, but I have a hard time actually wanting to type the words. I don’t feel “the future” will be any better in regards to this, what I’ll call a Common Community Spirit, due to capitalistic vulturism we live in, when it comes to money. I’m not speaking for or against capitalism here, just making an analogy.

You’ll find this type of spirit in the sports world. It’ll be a common set of occurrences like your morning time “Good morning sir how are you?” from the cashier behind the register. Or one’s and most in the community’s own pride to keep the community, the city clean, in well standing, a place people want to visit. If you see where I’m going with this, including the sports world.

But when it comes down to the crypto world, the possibility of an 1849 gold rush miracle to become the next Ether, LTC, etc…this is what is going to allow for a bunch of well off companies, a ton of companies working a decent bit to stay in the “above middle class,” and so many more companies that are scams, fraudulent, or a company barely making $5,000 a month in profit…and many much less.

There will never be an entire crypto community standing strong enough together to make positive change. There will, however be a lot of smaller communities hopefully acting for the betterment of the entire crypto community AND doing great things for their own smaller communities, which will likely have a dominoes effect on the rest of the majority of communities. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend! Lon3

Next Month Oculus Will Support App Sharing, Multi-User Accounts

Oculus is rolling out multi-user accounts and app sharing to its Quest 2 virtual-reality headset. Gizmodo Oculus is rolling out multi-user accounts …

Next Month Oculus Will Support App Sharing, Multi-User Accounts

Shoutout to Ana Miller, for providing this article!! 😉

Why The Whole Banking System is a Scam

I highly suggest reading this subreddit. I have been barking these things for years. Here’s an Inter fact that, if you haven’t been in banking or insurance and finance(brokering) then you will most likely not know this. But don’t take my words, look it up yourself. Banks, by federal law, are required to have 1/3 of the physical assets at said bank or usually the Main bank of banks. This means, while holding your money and giving you not even an inflation rate of growth, they lend out not only your money, with high interest rates on loans, and to buy high yield stocks, they technically can loan out 3 times the value of their physical assets. Why do you think we have bank crisis and so many bank foreclosures? On the other hand, insurance companies are required to maintain 3x in liquid assets compared to the amount of money that every policy pays out(simple way of explaining insurance, as you can make good money through insurance companies, typically with a 13-15% yield over a 20 year period) at their home office. If you have savings in the bank, k suggest keeping no more then 5 grand there, for emergencies. The rest of your investment money should not go straight into stocks, especially right now. FIUL’s, or Fixed Indexed Universal Life Insurance, is one of the best ways to go, especially long term. Only get grade A policies, from companies like Voya, Transamerica, Nationwide, and a few more. These policies have a 0 floor incentive, meaning that even if the stock market drops 50% or more, you lose nothing that year. And the money you put in every month will be there for that year. But with an average of 13-15% a year over a 20 year period is incredible. If you get a large policy that’s ~$15,000 a year or more, your policy will end up paying you after 3-5 years. You can then up your yearly amount, and gain even more that way, or simply pay yourself a salary protected by most taxes. I bet no one at a bank will ever know this or tell you this. Good day


No, You are Not the Only One Who Thinks This Pullback is Good!

I for one, am glad that we have hit a normal recession in crypto, as crypto has to have bullish and bearish moments. There are many positives to this recession: 1) Bitcoin is much more affordable, 2) Ethereum is much more affordable , 3) Altcoins that will eventually be big in the market have time to shine!! -L3

IRS Budget Targets Crypto Tax Evaders | CoinMarketCap

U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets would have to report any transaction over $600, regardless of whether the client is a U.S. citizen or not.
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My Family, My Music, all to the Glory of God!

Love you Shanny, Mom, Dad, Aria & Zach and all my family and in-laws! This is for y’all 🙂

India Just Unbanned Bitcoin Today!!!

India Just Unbanned Bitcoin Today!!!
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N2: The First Possible Decentralized Global Currency?

I’m very intrigued by this idea, but many have made this claim before. And many are still making that claim. But we shall see…feel free to comment and lemme know what you think. This page is growing, and once it hits a certain level I will be building a separate site that has jobs for crypto. These won’t be like most “get paid 30 Satoshi for watching RV” websites and apps. This will actually become a connection for people needing skilled workers of all kinds, from plenty of jobs that can be done from home, contracting jobs for construction, driver jobs, etc. MY minimum “dollar per hour,” will be $20/hr for the low skill/lowsupply and many of the at home jobs. I won’t get into what I intend to pay for an average hourly wage, as most people know there’s a wide range of averages across the different lines of work.

Anyways, your worker status in your first year will be basically a 10-99. If you hit 3 straight years of working at least 30 hours a week for at least 40 weeks per year, we will discuss your role in the company. I will most likely offer you a salaried position, that might start you working 75% of the time on your old jobs and 25% of your time doing work directly/learning skills/management training. There will also be positions that are automatically salaried, with the potentials for bonuses. As for your PAY, which will be paid in Bitcoin or other easily liquidated crypto that can be held in an account through my work site, moved to any address you own, or with Direct Deposit where you will be paid the coin or coins you choose for that day/week by taking every coins’ Closing Price to determine your amount.

Not yet available in America

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