Bitcoin Development Jobs

Bitcoin Jobs Available in the United States and At Home development jobs!

Check these jobs out if you have programming skills, social media skills, etc. All kinds of jobs for people wanting to work for bitcoin.

Good luck and Enjoy!


The best way to ACTUALLY earn by pool mining…

The best way to ACTUALLY earn by pool mining…
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Crypto Jobs Currently Available

Crypto Jobs Currently Available
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Crypto Jobs Currently Available

This site has multiple types of crypto jobs available across the world. So far, I would say this is the absolute best compilation of constantly updated jobs available; from remote to in office jobs, from coding to design, you will find multitudes of information and jobs for specifically trained people…which fits perfect with the crypto world! Good luck and with all sincerity I hope that many, many people are blessed by this site, no matter how you find it!

Houston Texan Cheerleader’s Rookie Year

Datassia HTC! Check her Twitter accounts of the year long process it took to be a rookie cheerleader in the NFL!

Btcpop Clams Claim Every 30 Minutes!

Clams are gaining huge profits and volume currently, and here’s a Faucet for clams from

Happy Claiming!

The best way to ACTUALLY earn by pool mining…

CryptoTab – below is the link for me referral pool, which is how everyone makes their money. Be sure to leave the web browser that is mining open; you can leave it and do other things on your computer and it still runs at same speed. But seriously check it out!!

Download CryptoTab Web Browser Immediately!

Found this site and thought it was just b.s. until I read the first paragraph! A great list of fake BTC websites that don’t pay. Not to mention, a good read on another way to earn passive income. It also involves referral passive income. I’ll leave the site and two pictures so you can see for yourself whether this is worth your time. But it is.


If you find any sites that should be added email this gentleman or comment here and I will!

Once again thanks and Enjoy!!


Fake BTC links! And more
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