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Hiring Crypto Professionals?


The only site that I’ve run across with such a vast array of jobs, opportunities, and fresh news everyday about new talent and better ways to hire the right people for the jobs you need done ASAP. Good luck

Speaker Feature Series: An Interview with Kate Rutter, a User Experience Designer with Strong Solving Problems Skill Through Sketching

“I believe that every problem can be made clearer by communicating in pictures, that sharpie pens smell like ideas, and that any group of …

Speaker Feature Series: An Interview with Kate Rutter, a User Experience Designer with Strong Solving Problems Skill Through Sketching

Liked this a lot. Just wanted to press it and get it out there 👍🏻,


Donations for a motherboard

So I have an ATI RADEON 480 (a super graphics card) but my computer has NVidia for its onboard graphics. It has a 5th Generation Intel Core 7i. The new motherboard will be AMD, which I haven’t had in awhile but happy to try it out. The motherboard has to be top of the line, so I’m guessing around 3-500$. Here is my plan, and I sincerely am grateful for the community we have built this far!

Plan: to buy a motherboard that works with my graphics card for my upcoming international job that is compatible with my graphics card I need for work, music, and cryptocurrency. Exact version is: Radeon RX 480 8Ga

How will I take donations? I honestly don’t expect that anyone will help me donations wise, but I’m still going to do the work. I will put my cash app picture and public btc address, snd I Thank you for anything. Oh and, whomever donates the most will get my intel 7Core dell motherboard, they may also take my off board NVIDIA GC that is fast enough to run 3D modeling.

rules about minimum for the high bid and for the overall amount donated:

The minimum high bid must be: $70US the overall amount donated must equal: $400US

Bonus!!!! If this donation goal is met by 03/31/20, the top 5 donators after the winner will each receive half of their donation back in bitcoin. The winner will receive 25% returned in BTC.

Thank you for any help and having never asked for help on the Internet I’m expecting nothing. But only God knows. Thank you again

Github’s 9 Ultimate Security Measures against Hackers

Not to mention, Github provides almost half of all the software used in this world(not just crypto) I mean earth. Microsoft is just one of half the Fortune 500 companies that use Github for consults on Devops and devsecurityops. Below is just a pdf I created of the 9 steps laid out for mostly advanced developers and others but beginners can still use and learn as they go!

Note: please download below pdf for the 9 steps!


The Easiest and Quickest site to buy, lend, and sell Bitcoin!


Great #referralprograms and easy payment makes for great buying experience. If you want to earn, set up a lending site correctly and happy life changing happenenings!

Looking to invest your BTC by lending WITHOUT the B.S. fraud on EBay and other sites? Governed by law and EASY


Buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, BCH, and major coins at actual cost: such as Kraken or CEX.io, other exchanges with volumes of fiat-tied crypto above 100 Billion Dollars

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The final step to becoming fully apart of crypto world involves using Large exchages(unfortunately I have to use Coinbase when I loan bitcoin and to keep my profit it have to buy the lent bitcoin at actual cost, whereas you will pay 10% to much higher fees at sites that aren’t as large. One thing you have to have is a passport or dL and verifiable address from a bill if don’t have passport. You have to go through a more rigid verification process, BUTT you are protected by the law whereas most other sites or buying in person is like the Wild Wild West…🤷🏼‍♂️ but if you are going to realize that digital currency IS your future way of paying for everything, you might want to consider becoming apart of the coming 10 years. Anyways; Good luck and have fun buying at a site that won’t rip you off!

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