Ive Got a Whole Lot To Say But Will Tomorrow Come, Or Be Just Another Day

Reminds me of a time…about 2000 years ago….with an Empire that ruled the world with Senators running the show while presiden…I mean emperors we’re puppets, occasionally being taken out by the elites. What do men learn from history? That men never learn from history. And Im not speaking on the taxes in the tokenomics…I’m speaking of the illegal taxation, taken by force if needed, of one’s personal income and personal belongings. And now the empero…i mean President wants to have 80,000 more IRS agents, “but to trust the people creating this agenda that they only intend on going after people that make over $1 million…” when their own president uses legitimate tax shelters to pay a mere 17-18% tax after earning over 11 million dollars. Hypocritical much? How about enforcing any new law to go back to anyones earnings they’ve ever made and just become more socialist. The media got real quiet and conveniently overshadowed the crimes of the people they serve, the unseen and untouchables, continue to put out some fake devised propaganda so they can get away with selling off this entire country to the world. The elites purposely keep the ways they “legally” get out of partaking in the very bills and laws they create. Everyone about to lose everything in stock markets across the world. Next 5-15 years. I’m sure many of you know this. But just a little hint from someone who used to also be in finance….I’d turn any stocks, 401ks, Roth IRAs, FIUL’s into a liquid position soon….such as Precious metals or whatever protects you from the 2008 falllout that will this time around be far worse. That’s why I’m in crypto. Most people still have most of their life savings in unprotected positions with few to no options. The umbrella strategy is great, if you know how to properly use it, and if the government doesn’t make s-companies change or outlawed. I’ve got just one more thing to say, in honor of [words of Eminem, slightly rearranged] ‘the men that have died for the stars and the stripes for the rights to protect and the women and men who have broken their necks for the freedom of speech the United States government has sworn to uphold, or so we’re told…

Fuck you Ms. Cheney, Fuck you Tipper Gore,

Fuck you with the freest speech this Divided States of Embarrassment will allow me to have….

Fuck you’


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Aaron Rodgers Teams Up With Cash App, Taking Part of Salary in BTC and Gives Away $1 million in BTC on Cash App!


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White House Top Tech Adviser Holds Millions in Bitcoin

Politico media company featured Timothy Wu, a top tech advisor for the Biden administration recently. The media outlets cited a personal financial …

White House Top Tech Adviser Holds Millions in Bitcoin

Always interesting to find who in the “political and economic” realms is a crypto supporter.

Check out the article, well worth the read! -L3

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Bitcoin’s $100K price target returns as BTC price breaks out of bull pennant

Bitcoin (BTC) looks poised to pursue a run-up towards $100,000 as its price breaks out of a classic Bull Pennant structure.
— Read on cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-s-100k-price-target-returns-as-btc-price-breaks-out-of-bull-pennant

Anyone who knows anything about the market already knew this would be coming, but only time will truly tell WHEN it happens 😛

Hope y’all are taking advantage of the bitcoin/altcoin growing disparity at the current moment, as altcoins typically follow Bitcoin rallies between 3 days-3 weeks. Of course this is in general, but gotta make decisions that are best for your goals, your portfolio(s).

God Bless~ L3

Fifth-largest US Retail Bank To Launch Bitcoin Custody Services – Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and Guides

Today, the fifth biggest retail bank in the nation, U.S. Bank, is expected to announce that its Bitcoin custody services are available to fund managers.
— Read on bitcoinmagazine.com/

About time. The top banks do everything they can to stop people from even purchasing Bitcoin from AMERICAN exchanges. They know they are crooks.

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