Ethereum and Cardano Waiting for This Signal To Launch Huge Breakouts, Says Top Trader

Closely-followed crypto trader and analyst Michaël van de Poppe says that Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA) are waiting for one signal before …

Ethereum and Cardano Waiting for This Signal To Launch Huge Breakouts, Says Top Trader

Very Interesting 🤨

Protect Ethereum’s Transaction User

This is pretty important for Ethereum enthusiasts, those whom just have stock in it, and cryptocurrency in general. Thought it was worth sharing. L3

Bitcoin’s Costly Transfer Fees May Be It’s Ultimate Demise

The Reddit above is definitely worth a look, as Bitcoin has been trending this way, while other cryptocurrencies have little to zero transfer cost. This is the reason Elon Musk stopped taking Bitcoin as payment at Tesla, although he still takes Dogecoin. Even though Dogecoin was a joke in the beginning, it’s simplicity, low fee structure and low cost are all reasons that people, including Musk, would like to have a “People’s Crypto.” While this may never happen, if, as I’ve said before, the top players and developers in the crypto world would stand up and give back to the community in a way that will truly transform digital currency, and truly make a difference in a large number of people’s lives, that company/coin/group would dominate the crypto world. In a good way. Bleh. L3

The web’s biggest list of Cryptocurrency Jobs and Blockchain Jobs

Discover over 2148+ Cryptocurrency jobs and Blockchain Jobs on Crypto Jobs List — the leading site to find and post jobs. Connect with companies hiring in a few clicks and begin your next experience in the industry.
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The old jobs site went down, but this is the newest and most diverse place I know of to find a job in the cryptocurrency world….definitely check them out if you have ANY of the skills needed and want to find full-time positions in companies, or just part-time work to add some extra income. Anyways good luck and have fun! L3

Coinbase Users File Class Action Over Locked Accounts – Decrypt

Coinbase users claim the company wrongfully locked them from their accounts for periods of up to several months.
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Yea I’m right there with these 5. Coinbase has been a constant pain in the ass, which is why I quit using it 4 years ago.

El Salvador Officially Adopts Bitcoin as Legal Tender — What Happens Next | CoinMarketCap

President Nayib Bukele declared that his bill achieved a “supermajority” after receiving 62 of the 84 votes available.
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Well another country has allowed Bitcoin as legal tender!!! What more do I need to say about this one?! – L3

Bitcoin’s Continual Plummeting…What Does Cryptocurrency’s Future Hold?

So Bitcoin decided to go down to just above $30,000 a share this morning. Many people believe it will continue and settle around $20k. There are a few top experts and a lot of people that think the exact opposite, and that Bitcoin’s next “resting point” will be $100,000. Everyone has their opinions but not too many people actually know what they are talking about…

As for me, I have said Bitcoin will hit at least $100,000 2 years ago. Now, could it go down and settle at $20k, then eventually shoot up to $100k or more, making both sides right, and both sides wrong. All I know is that if Bitcoin does not get near $100k by February 2022, then cryptocurrency in general, will likely be in big trouble. But there is just too much at stake, and we all know what makes the world turn….money money money 💵. Do some people want Bitcoin to fail? Yes. Mostly the political and banking elites. So the bigger question is do we have an option to just let Bitcoin fall by the wayside? A Big Banker’s dream….but we can’t let this dream become a reality.

We need more structured communication and community in the Bitcoin world. We need more of the big holders of major coins to be the ones to help communities. What better way to be accepted, than by loving thy neighbor and giving them help? We need to STOP RELYING ON THE GOVERNMENT, as we all SHOULD know. So, as little as my page is, I still declare that the crypto community, specifically those with the means, need to step in and take care of their own communities. Wanna make bankers and elites cringe and scream like the little manipulative babies they are? Then be better people than them. That is the first step. And if you are able to give to a person in need, a store in need, a town in need, DO IT! This is the only way the crypto community can ever defeat Central Banking.

Im out – L3

How To Make $2500/Week Online From Home FREE Training


How To Make $2500/Week Online From Home FREE Training

Interesting stuff. I personally haven’t tried this method, but I do know of plenty of people that have been successful with implementing programs that are sold for a pretty good value. Anyways this is from

Hope it works for anyone that tries! Be persistent; NEVER give up. We are blessed with one life in a skin-tight bag of bones…done stop. -Lon3

US Senators Call for Increased Measures to Regulate and Trace Cryptocurrencies – Regulation Bitcoin News

Two U.S. senators have urged lawmakers to increase measures to regulate cryptocurrencies, including how to trace cryptocurrency transactions, in …

US Senators Call for Increased Measures to Regulate and Trace Cryptocurrencies – Regulation Bitcoin News

And it continues….🖕🏻🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿

How to Make Money Selling Things Online

Buying and selling online- or eCommerce- in India will cross the UD$84 billion mark by 2021, says a joint report by Deloitte India and Retail …

How to Make Money Selling Things Online

Another good article to check out….there are millions of ways to make money online. Whether it be a side hustle or a full-time gig. Check out this article for some ideas and good information to help lead you in the right direction, but also in a direction that you want to go!

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