Which Cryptocurrencies Should You Invest in Now, & What to Watch!

1. Ethereum. Why? Every expert that knows about a stocks behavior(including crypto) has indicated a rise above the all time high in 2023. It’s history holds up; it also provides the most defi, NFTs, and with its new PoS platform, ETH fees should eventually crumble.

2. Bitcoin. Why? Kinda the same deal as Ethereum. It’s hard to tell if Bitcoin will jump to $100k in 2023, or if on it’s way to $250k will take years(2030? A decade?) but either way it will be a long lasting future of going up, up, up!

3, 4, and 5 are all basically interchangeable depending on your needs and insight, but I will do it in how I’m thinking at this moment based on the research I’ve done. Here we go…

3. Solana. Why? Simply one reason, even though I can’t stand the company: Google. They will probably be a big time player in the crypto-verse and metaverse. With Solana’s price history is another indicator that it will eventually grow above it’s all time high. And speaking of the all time high, Solana is basically selling for 1/10 of its ATH. Google has the resources to hopefully make Solana a top protocol of the future!

4. Avalanche. Why? Let’s make this one thing clear first. The only thing, to me, that Avalanche has in common with Solana is it’s price history. Right now, AVAX(the actual coin) is at about 1/9 compared to its ATH. Its going for about $18.50-20 currently. “AVAX is currently $0.5800000 (3.27%) above its 100-day moving average price of $17.860000000 with its current price of $18.440000000….Avalanche is $7.7900000 (69.88%) above its 52-week low price of $10.650000000 and -$62.79000000 (10.39%) below its 52-week high of $81.230000000. The current price relative to its moving average and 52-week high and low leads to a strong long-term technical score of 91. Trends for the long-term trading history of Avalanche suggest that traders are currently neutral on the coin.All credit of words italicized & in between quotes goes to Investors Observer, with the direct link here. https://www.investorsobserver.com/news/crypto-update/amp/what-do-the-long-term-technicals-predict-for-avalanche-avax-thursday-3

5. Matic(Polygon) – There are so many reasons to buy Matic now. Price is at about $1.04 per Matic. While this is only about 2/5 the price of Matic’s ATH, the Polygon chain has been a big part of Ethereum’s success, but also a competitor. Polygon is one of the top 5 chains with NFT utility, games, and does as follows:

Credit – Crypto.com
Credit – Crypto.com

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