Protect Ethereum’s Transaction User This is pretty important for Ethereum enthusiasts, those whom just have stock in it, and cryptocurrency in general. Thought it was worth sharing. L3

Bitcoin’s Continual Plummeting…What Does Cryptocurrency’s Future Hold?

What can the crypto community do to defeat central banking?

No, You are Not the Only One Who Thinks This Pullback is Good! I for one, am glad that we have hit a normal recession in crypto, as crypto has to have bullish and bearish moments. There are many positives to this recession: 1) Bitcoin is much more affordable, 2) Ethereum is much more affordable , 3) Altcoins that will eventually be big in the market haveContinue reading “No, You are Not the Only One Who Thinks This Pullback is Good!”

Binance Tweet Might Have Major Implications For Us Cryptos!

Figure 1. Byron federated network structure. Figure 2. Shelley’s initial hybrid network structure. Figure 3. Final network structure with automated node communication.

WAKE UP! This might be your last chance….to get..,in…. the Early Age of Bitcoin’s Rise to be Part of our Future’s Leaders Demise

ADA, Cardano, MATIC, Polygon, LINK, Chainlink, ETC, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and why you should invest in the top player Altcoins over BTC or ETHER at the present time.

Bitcoin: My Current Thoughts and Prediction for BTC hitting $100,000

Earn 10% commission on every trade you make!

If you join through my referral link we will split 20% down the middle on every deposit and trade you make. Nothing comes out of your pocket or mine, this is an offer through Binance to gain more customers. You won’t find 10% earnings on everything you do almost anywhere…i would suggest this for peopleContinue reading “Earn 10% commission on every trade you make!”