Lost $ From The Latest FTX SCANDAL? Consider SafePal

As a longtime SafePal Wallet and App user, I HGHLY recommend them as one of your soft wallet choices. Some of you will already know this, but you should never be using just one app or wallet. I have about 4-6 separate soft wallets, wherein I can access all of the same funds using multi-chainContinue reading “Lost $ From The Latest FTX SCANDAL? Consider SafePal”

Pi-Protocol. What is it and Why Should I Care? Passive Income at It’s Best!

First, I want to give a huge shoutout to the $GREED Family, Captain, Rob, Sonny & Nicole, Golden Ratio, to all the others that make this project and family so incredible, and finally to GORDEN, the incredible genius behind Pi Protocol, amongst many other things Before I lay out all of the ways Pi works,Continue reading “Pi-Protocol. What is it and Why Should I Care? Passive Income at It’s Best!”

Valor Sports Coin | Ken Shamrock’s New Crypto Coin

youtube.com/watch Valor is the first ever crypto coin designed for and in the MMA world. It is partnered with Ken Shamrock’s new MMA League, ValorBK. ValorBK’s first official fight is just around the corner, on April 22nd, 2022. The first day of fights will be something likened to a festival with non-stop entertainment. Halfway throughContinue reading “Valor Sports Coin | Ken Shamrock’s New Crypto Coin”

$GREED Is Taking Over Defi

twitter.com/greedecosystem/status/1492259964739592194 Don’t believe me? Go to their site, telegram, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All about business and family. And getting Defi right. It’s all in the tokenomics. DYOR. If you want a chance at becoming part of something great, get in before it’s too late ⏰ https://www.greedtoken.com https://www.valorcoinofficial.com https://www.pi-protocol.io https://www.babydogeinu.io I just did all the workContinue reading “$GREED Is Taking Over Defi”

We went from $20 trillion to over $100 trillion in 30 years… how? The FED prints money… LOTS of money… every government does this… which makes your money worth less every year… this is why we need Bitcoin 💸 — Cryptocurrency Analysis

Cryptocurrency is the answer to saving America’s Financial problems, gigantic debt, and central banking dominating all aspects of money