Bitcoin as a Job?!

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People often think of crypto-currencies as a, sort of, mythological creature that only a few can master and tame. Oh how wrong, wrong wrong wrong!!! Today is the day to start your journey on learning the best options for investing in your future…because how many of you reading this trust or can even afford to make money off of Wall Street? Be prepared for what is to come, and if you apply some simple strategies and logic, you can actually make a job out of earning be on the lookout for more information very soon. Enjoy the journey my friends

The Journey Begins

¾ of People know Nothing about Crypto Currency!!

What does this mean for people on the verge of investing but still holding back?

  • NOW is the time to invest. But how? If you are on a limited budget and/or you want to stick your feet in the water before diving in(smart, very smart), I will give you the solution my own parents decided. It involves a very simple plan that can be adjusted based on your budget.

The 6 Month Plan for Beginning Investors

  1. Start by planning on putting $100 a month into bitcoin for 6 consecutive months; adjust as needed but try to at least put minimum of $50/month.
  2. During these 6 months, dive into material about digital currency. Learn it, live it, breathe it. Most people won’t and don’t need to know the technical aspects of mining and Blockchain at an expert level. Most people will focus on markets, new coins, long-time crypto experts analysis of everything, and more. At this site, I will provide you with the best sites, markets, and places and ways to buy and invest crypto.
  3. Have FUN with this new venture into a foreign world!!
  4. And last but surely not least, remember that Bitcoin is a VERY liquid asset; and most crypto-coins that make it to the markets are also liquid, as they are tied to bitcoin, ether, and often the US dollar(on Binance anyways). So you can pull you money out anytime you want! I will leave a link to Binance so you can check it out and register an account, which is free and extremely secure. And on that note, look for more to come in the very near future!!

Create your free Binance account without spending a dime.

Everyone who signs up earns 20% of any purchases made through anyone who signs up using their referral code or URL. I split mine 10/10 with every referral. This is ADVICE to you about potential earnings in the future 😉

Thanks for joining me, and Feel FREE to contact us about any questions concerning anything 🙂

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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