Houston Texan Cheerleader’s Rookie Year

Datassia HTC! Check her Twitter accounts of the year long process it took to be a rookie cheerleader in the NFL!

Btcpop Clams Claim Every 30 Minutes!

Clams are gaining huge profits and volume currently, and here’s a Faucet for clams from https://BTCop.co/Faucet/CLAM

Happy Claiming!

The best way to ACTUALLY earn by pool mining…

CryptoTab – below is the link for me referral pool, which is how everyone makes their money. Be sure to leave the web browser that is mining open; you can leave it and do other things on your computer and it still runs at same speed. But seriously check it out!!

Download CryptoTab Web Browser Immediately!


Found this site and thought it was just b.s. until I read the first paragraph! A great list of fake BTC websites that don’t pay. Not to mention, a good read on another way to earn passive income. It also involves referral passive income. I’ll leave the site and two pictures so you can see for yourself whether this is worth your time. But it is.


If you find any sites that should be added email this gentleman or comment here and I will!

Once again thanks and Enjoy!!


Fake BTC links! And more
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Exchange and Earn!

Yes, Cold Blooded Creatures Get Fevers Too: Here’s What You Need To Know

I am not the author; just liked this post 🙂

via Yes, Cold Blooded Creatures Get Fevers Too: Here’s What You Need To Know

ABRA: The Ultimate Crypto Wallet that is AMEX Friendly!

Check out ABRA and easily invest in 28 cryptocurrencies or BIT10, an index of the top cryptos. Use my link to sign up and get $25 in free bitcoin after your first Bank/Amex deposit of $5 or more, or 1.5% cash back when you exchange cryptos (T&C apply):



As always, enjoy!
LonnardTree out

The Endless Potential of Crypto-currency – Here, you will learn and earn….maximizing your referral, ads, and trading of all digital currencies!

This will be the official homepage and I will be making many changes that I think y’all will enjoy! many updates to come! And Pics 😉 Best Faucets and Wallets For Cryptocurrency Win, refer, invest, the best! Win, earn, invest, the best!
— Read on cryptocareers.blog/

PTP Wallet Referral Program

Wether you use me as a referral or not, it’s worth checking out. Most will end up using it 👍🏻

Crypto Careers

My name is LonnardTree, Lon Très, whatever. I have sent you a referral code 265561, which allows you to receive a bounty bonus upon installating PTP Wallet. Just search for the wallet in google play or apple store, install it and enjoy your free gift.
My referral code is 265561.

Referral Program is just one feature of he PTP Wallet

    Even though their automated message to send out is abysmal, anyone wanting to get in on a cool wallet for all Crypto and earn referral money easily by inviting people, check out PTP Wallet On the iOS App Store or Google Store. If you want the referral bonus just type in my code and sign up, put my code in, fill out your info, and spread the word.
    Enjoy and I’ll be continually working on this site to better represent my daily Crypto wins, losses, struggles, and most importantly…

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