The Best Crypto Faucets June 2019

The Best Crypto Faucets June 2019

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*Update 2!! has added Stellar Lumen And Ripple to their 5 minute claim wait period. Here is an example of what their faucets give every 5 minutes

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Https:// – so this is quite a cool concept. “CryptoTab” is actually an app you can download for free that is a web browser that allows you to line passively, with the only catch being you have to leave the window open that is mining(and yes you can go surf other stuff or leave it running.) now most high end pc’s can juice out between 500-1000 Hertz/second, which isn’t much at all. BUT, the key here is referrals, and building your own mining pool of as many people you can get to understand the concept and how much you can actually make. One person had about 2300 referrals and was making 1.5 btc a month. The key is referral. Feel free to leave any sites for good referrals. I know of mellowads and that’s about it – the easiest and best way to make free bitcoin. Free rolls every hour with chance to win $200 per free roll. Also a multiplier. I’ve personally earned about 2 bitcoin from rolling and from referrals. – same creators as….just in dogecoin. Simple way to continually rack up coins  – if you check any of these sites out…check BTCPOP! Just trust me on this, the amount of options and ways to invest in loans and trade tons of different coins and faucets every 30 minutes – very similar to freebitco, this site will let you wrack up tons of litecoin satoshi quick. The game is easier to beat, as well. Definitely worth it 👍🏻

https://monerogames.coma relatively new site with constant updates and plenty of backing. Faucet every 30 minutes and mine game and roll game are already available; with more to come. The creator is looking for long time investors and investment options for the site. You can also make monero through referrals.

I’ll continue to update this list and if you have any sites not listed feel free to share your site that has your referral code in the comment section and I will use it for the site link! Enjoy


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