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I just can’t get over the multitudes of options to make money on the digital market, miner, investment broker, and tons of other amazing qualities… Https://
This is the list of capabilities I will be covering today though. I will be doing #’s 3,2,1 on this page and 4,5 on another…enjoy and don’t forget to register at Btcpop. And follow this site if you like 😉
  1. Trading/Selling
  2. Investing in Others
  3. Staking you Altcoins
  4. Building your reputation
  5. Growing with the community and are referrals worth it on this site
3. K. We are gonna start with number 3 on the list first. You earn interest on many altcoins(once you sign up go check them all out.) some stake better than others. Like I’ve earned $12+ in a month just for “Staking” my altcoins that are stake-able; I’ll explain this in detail later. Here’s a quick few pics of what staking can look like:

Staking is huge and beats banks by 18-20.5%!

Free crypto currencies
My total earnings per coin so far, by the # of coins

2. Investing in Fellow BTCPOP users

Only go for a high interest yield investment(really above 10-15%)if the user has a rating of A, and a good history of paying loans back. This is also how I’ve made most of my money on the site.
Good lendees usually pay ur loan back within a few days unless they have a lot to pay you back, and they had one month. Only back loans with someone who has the reputation and collateral to back the loan. As you can see below, I have invested and am now reaping the benefits!
Free bitcoin
  • 1. Trading/Selling

    If you have ever used a digital currency stock market, is pretty much the same. The only major problem that I’ve run into(which I have at EVERY MARKET) is people controlling the swings of certain coins when they own half of what’s available at the site. But like I said, happens everywhere just have to outsmart those few losers. I would always start slow and see how it works for you. Sometimes you can make a lot on a sale of something that was nothing to you 🤷🏼‍♂️but enough said about this
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