The Weakened U.S. Dollar is Not Good for Crypto

If the crypto community wants what it says it wants, to ‘help others,’ ‘build global metaverse,’ or ‘make a lot over long term investment,’ whether defi, cefi, or any other fi and/or protocol, it still has a LONG way to go.

Every time people come together on a project, they might be great at what they do, but not all people are good teammates, like they often project. This leads to the misuse of the people and their invested money that buy into your project, including members you hire.

We’ve already seen this with the NFT explosion, where about 90% of projects lose money for the customers. That’s because certain protocols have made it that simple to make your own coin…or apps, whatever it may be. This is and was not good for Crypto.

So then how do you know what to do with the dollar continuing to plummet? The best answer I can give is definitely have cash handy just in case, gold and silver coins from a respectable company, and bit of that home defense. Either way, if things come to it, items will always be of more value than fiat currencies, crypto, even precious metals. If things settle down, then we have global people “deciding” how to kill crypto for good. It’s all a mess out there…and I give the Lord God all the Glory & Praise! Amen.

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