Why Are You Not On Freebitco?

Im going all Bold until all of you crypto fiends and noobs get on this site. Oh and one more thing, screw leaving a referral link; 5000 will click on it and I might gain 2 referrals if im lucky. I didn’t get 99.69% of my referrals to that site from blog posts I’ve made in the past. It’s like im writing to a fucking mannequin. And he(yes the mannequin is a he in this situation; he doesn’t follow your never ending demand to use fake pronouns.) And he doesn’t even have balls. So get over yourselves and do something other than trying to end the human race by making men and boys into eunuchs and demanding that all bow to your feelings. Fuck your feelings. Anyways, back to today’s….well since I won’t link to the site….today’s ramblings.

Is this your lady’s place? Just took the pic 8======D

Now time for me to show you how much I’ve earned, then I will give you reasons to get your butts over there and earn bitcoin every hour(and if you are crafty enough you will realize you can become, with different emails…, one of Your Own REFERRALS. So every time you play on the referral account, you will start stacking up bitcoin on your main account.) I would suggest getting as many referrals as you can. I have 180+ but I easily could have 50,000 plus with small and cheap ad campaigns on a CONSISTENT basis. Anyways, prepare for your mind to question this post and me. But it’s all true…and there’s literally so many ways to earn. Betting on all kinds of sports, BTC, ETH, and FUN’s monthly price, and more.

A common misconception about this site is that it is like all other betting sites. It’s a 180 degree difference. You can simply earn minute amounts of BTC every hour with free rolls(you can win up to $200 every hour.) I personally get 70x the amount of BTC every free roll that is the lowest payout, on three separate accounts, because I’ve wagered enough. I’ve won 1 Bitcoin in one roll playing the multiplier game, betting 0.00012000 BTC my first time trying to win. I rolled an 8888 and sure enough 1 bitcoin was in my account. I’ve earned about 0.45 BTC from two accounts just from referrals. I’ve given my referrals 0.2 BTC as a thank you for earning me what they have.

One response to “Why Are You Not On Freebitco?”

  1. Personally, my favorite post I have yet made. There’s just something…so…readable for anyone. Now time to hope in that ^^shower with somebody’s lady….she says they just started dating..1 year ago. I know. It sounds insane which means so many things but right now it only means one gotta go!!!


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