ValorBK as Explained by Ken Shamrock, and the Upcoming VBK 2!

First of all, I want to give a huge shoutout and thank you to Ken Shamrock, ValorBK, ValorCoinOfficial, $GREED, and Captain for creating this beautiful connection between the best rising MMA league, ValorBK, and the best crypto team, $GREED.

If you are a fan of MMA, then I implore you to not only watch the above video, but to click on the ValorBK link above and check out ValorBK1 fights. This was the very first event, and was watched by millions on PPV, not to mention a sold out of crowd of 17,000 people! And, what I’m about to say is strictly my opinion; I believe VBK 1 was a kind of test and opportunity to create a platform for showing the world this innovation while also allowing time for media, sponsors, and ohhh yea that COVID thing that shut the world down, before moving on with ValorBK as originally planned.

Little did any of us know what those 2 years would allow Ken and VBK to grow into; that is, a forever growing group of people and companies coming together to forge business partnerships, big-time investors, and a move that allowed VBK to partner with $GREED and create the first ever MMA crypto coin. “Captain Awesome,” the creator of the $Babydogeinu token and the company $GREED, which also created crypto’s first ever music label… $GREED Music …joined with Ken and ValorBK to create The Valor token, or ValorCoinOfficial.

“Valor Sports Coin is the FIRST Crypto Ecosystem to combine the thrill of Combat Sports, NFTS, the Metaverse, and the value of Digital Collectibles on the Binance Blockchain.” – VSC

And with Valor Sports Coin having just released, this leads to our original topic; ValorBK. You might wonder why I have given so much information about things other than ValorBK. Well, my friends, with the release of the first ever MMA crypto coin, news was released about VBK 2, ValorBK’s second event! Only this time, the event is going to be so incredible, due to the nonstop efforts of Ken, ValorBK, ValorCoinOfficial, Captain Awesome, $GREED, and $GREED Music. And I’m about to give you all the juicy details.

VBK 2 will take place April 22, 2022, in Miami, Florida at the James L Knight Center. But the fights aren’t the only event happening. Halfway through the fights, $GREED Music will be putting on a show with hip-hop LEGENDS, Fat Joe & Busta Rhymes!

With all of this said, I leave you with a couple last thoughts. Imagine buying Valor Sports Coin now, before the upcoming event. If you are an even somewhat intelligent investor, you’ll be buying as much Valor beforehand as you can. I’ll give you the link to $GREEDSwap here. This is where you can buy Valor Sports Coin, also called Valor$, GREED, & BABYDOGEINU with BNB(BEP20) otherwise known as BNB on Binance Smart Chain(BSC.) All three coins can be bought with BNB on the BSC. So when you send your BNB to your wallet, make sure you choose the BEP20 choice for your wallet address and for the chain you send your BNB through.

And with that said, I’m out. Good luck with your purchases, and don’t forget to watch VBK 2, wether you can go in person or watch on PPV. You won’t regret it, especially if you’ve bought VALOR$ and GREED! 🙂


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