Bitcoin’s Costly Transfer Fees May Be It’s Ultimate Demise

The Reddit above is definitely worth a look, as Bitcoin has been trending this way, while other cryptocurrencies have little to zero transfer cost. This is the reason Elon Musk stopped taking Bitcoin as payment at Tesla, although he still takes Dogecoin. Even though Dogecoin was a joke in the beginning, it’s simplicity, low fee structure and low cost are all reasons that people, including Musk, would like to have a “People’s Crypto.” While this may never happen, if, as I’ve said before, the top players and developers in the crypto world would stand up and give back to the community in a way that will truly transform digital currency, and truly make a difference in a large number of people’s lives, that company/coin/group would dominate the crypto world. In a good way. Bleh. L3


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I am an entrepreneurial musician whom loves animals and owns a dog walking business in Nashville, Tennessee. I have a beautiful wife who is a Dr in Pediatric HEMONC as a current Fellow. I also have a divacat named Aria 🐈. I also have invested and traded and learned digital currency for 3.5 years every day. I know a little :)

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