The Community of Crypto

I find this a bit tough to write. I know what I’m going to say, but I have a hard time actually wanting to type the words. I don’t feel “the future” will be any better in regards to this, what I’ll call a Common Community Spirit, due to capitalistic vulturism we live in, when it comes to money. I’m not speaking for or against capitalism here, just making an analogy.

You’ll find this type of spirit in the sports world. It’ll be a common set of occurrences like your morning time “Good morning sir how are you?” from the cashier behind the register. Or one’s and most in the community’s own pride to keep the community, the city clean, in well standing, a place people want to visit. If you see where I’m going with this, including the sports world.

But when it comes down to the crypto world, the possibility of an 1849 gold rush miracle to become the next Ether, LTC, etc…this is what is going to allow for a bunch of well off companies, a ton of companies working a decent bit to stay in the “above middle class,” and so many more companies that are scams, fraudulent, or a company barely making $5,000 a month in profit…and many much less.

There will never be an entire crypto community standing strong enough together to make positive change. There will, however be a lot of smaller communities hopefully acting for the betterment of the entire crypto community AND doing great things for their own smaller communities, which will likely have a dominoes effect on the rest of the majority of communities. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend! Lon3


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I am an entrepreneurial musician whom loves animals and owns a dog walking business in Nashville, Tennessee. I have a beautiful wife who is a Dr in Pediatric HEMONC as a current Fellow. I also have a divacat named Aria 🐈. I also have invested and traded and learned digital currency for 3.5 years every day. I know a little :)

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