Arrest Warrant Issued For Marilyn Manson For Spitting On Female Videographer During 2019 Concert

New Hampshire authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Marilyn Manson over an incident that took place at one of his concerts nearly two years …

Arrest Warrant Issued For Marilyn Manson For Spitting On Female Videographer During 2019 Concert

From his own words, about the life he has lived and how he treats women, MM deserves much more than this. He is a manipulative, sociopath that took so many already hurt and confused people and help turn them into his puppets. This dude is a joke. His music is awful. The only good thing that ever came out of his band was the guitarist John 5, and that’s strictly musically speaking. Anyways, feel free to share your thoughts on MM. – Lon3

Side Note* – notice the picture I took from a news broadcast about the warrant for his arrest. The video they play is from some hollywod-esque red/carpet type event. He, as most musicians do these days, makes the Masonic/Egyptian/Babylonian religious reference to his true master, his puppeteers that provide him with endless drugs, money, women, for a price. And that price is allegiance to the all seeing eye trapped inside the pyramid, representing the beast of the book of Revelation. The symbolism is clear in the left eye always being hidden(the beast is wounded in the left eye, and dies, and comes back to life. The beast is part of the satanic trinity with the devil, that old dragon, and the anti-Christ(pseudo-Christ.) This religion is part of the New World Order, and is the only way for Satan to gain complete power(globalism, technology, one world religion.) Many people(especially lost Freemasons) believe that Jesus Christ and Lucifer were brothers( Mormons also believe this but their Jesus is “a good guy.”) The Grand Architect of the Universe is considered God in Freemasonry. Only those who go through enough degrees(many not truly finding out unless they reach degree 33) and/or reading of Masonic Literature will learn of the “secret” of whom they truly serve. The same goes for the Illumined Ones(the actual Illuminati,) paganism, Wicca, and many more of the people who typically hold high places in office, business, and entertainment.


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