The Big(false) Drop; Bitcoin

As a skeptic with little proof, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the price of Bitcoin. I have dedicated 3.5 years to learning the ins and outs of digital currency. I have made, I have lost.

Now on to the subject at hand: Why is Bitcoin falling so rapidly? Please feel free to comment on your thoughts or if you know something feel free to share it. My hypothesis of this drop is as follows: something beyond the blockchain is creating false claims and basically running the digital currency stock markets like the Wall Street rage in the 20’s. I believe that the reason there is so much fluctuations is that while the governments of this world attempt a takeover of the P2P monetary system, game over. They just want their tax money. Think about what Coinbase did to its customers a couple years ago. Without giving prior knowledge, Coinbase handed ALL users info over to the IRS. They are not the only ones, either.

But alas, have no worries my friends….Bitcoin will be in the 5 figures most likely by February 2019. Let your face shine upon us. Let your everlasting grace hold us in your handsBitcoin price

Why the fall in Bitcoin Price?

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