10 Members Of The Princess Diana-Supported HALO Trust Killed In Afghanistan

People close to her and also a part of her trust were murdered

It’s a Wonderful Time to Invest in Crypto!

Bitcoin and Ethereum and all of the major coins are way down. Now is the time to buy crypto!

The web’s biggest list of Cryptocurrency Jobs and Blockchain Jobs

The web’s biggest list of Cryptocurrency Jobs and Blockchain Jobs https://cryptocareers.blog/2021/06/09/the-webs-biggest-list-of-cryptocurrency-jobs-and-blockchain-jobs/ — Read on cryptocareers.blog/2021/06/09/the-webs-biggest-list-of-cryptocurrency-jobs-and-blockchain-jobs/

Bitcoin’s Continual Plummeting…What Does Cryptocurrency’s Future Hold?

Bitcoin’s Continual Plummeting…What Does Cryptocurrency’s Future Hold? https://cryptocareers.blog/2021/06/08/bitcoins-future/ — Read on cryptocareers.blog/2021/06/08/bitcoins-future/ I reiterate

Protect Ethereum’s Transaction User

http://www.reddit.com/r/ethfinance/comments/lj7mf1/supporteip1559_protect_ethereums_transaction_user/ This is pretty important for Ethereum enthusiasts, those whom just have stock in it, and cryptocurrency in general. Thought it was worth sharing. L3

Bitcoin’s Costly Transfer Fees May Be It’s Ultimate Demise

http://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/nvwmfd/this_happened_because_gold_was_hard_to_transport/ The Reddit above is definitely worth a look, as Bitcoin has been trending this way, while other cryptocurrencies have little to zero transfer cost. This is the reason Elon Musk stopped taking Bitcoin as payment at Tesla, although he still takes Dogecoin. Even though Dogecoin was a joke in the beginning, it’s simplicity, lowContinue reading “Bitcoin’s Costly Transfer Fees May Be It’s Ultimate Demise”

Coinbase Users File Class Action Over Locked Accounts – Decrypt

Coinbase users claim the company wrongfully locked them from their accounts for periods of up to several months. — Read on decrypt.co/73113/coinbase-users-file-class-action-over-locked-accounts Yea I’m right there with these 5. Coinbase has been a constant pain in the ass, which is why I quit using it 4 years ago.

El Salvador Officially Adopts Bitcoin as Legal Tender — What Happens Next | CoinMarketCap

President Nayib Bukele declared that his bill achieved a “supermajority” after receiving 62 of the 84 votes available. — Read on coinmarketcap.com/alexandria/article/el-salvador-officially-adopts-bitcoin-as-legal-tender-what-happens-next Well another country has allowed Bitcoin as legal tender!!! What more do I need to say about this one?! – L3

Bitcoin’s Continual Plummeting…What Does Cryptocurrency’s Future Hold?

What can the crypto community do to defeat central banking?