New Music Station- LonTrès Nonstop Bangaz

LonTrès Nonstop BANGAZ! Presented to you by LCubed Music! My credentials for running a music station? I was born into the music world. I have a music degree from The University of Georgia, focus on classical guitar performance. I’ve been playing guitar of all kinds for 21 years, teaching for 12+ years, performed with bands,Continue reading “New Music Station- LonTrès Nonstop Bangaz”

The Problem With Electric Cars.

The energy, and actual cost required to run and charge your typical electric vehicle varies, depending on when you charge it, your location, and so many other variables that this brings me to my next point. Electric cars should never have been the future of automobiles. The problem of running a standard gas fed engineContinue reading “The Problem With Electric Cars.”

Pi-Protocol. What is it and Why Should I Care? Passive Income at It’s Best!

First, I want to give a huge shoutout to the $GREED Family, Captain, Rob, Sonny & Nicole, Golden Ratio, to all the others that make this project and family so incredible, and finally to GORDEN, the incredible genius behind Pi Protocol, amongst many other things Before I lay out all of the ways Pi works,Continue reading “Pi-Protocol. What is it and Why Should I Care? Passive Income at It’s Best!”

Pi Protocol is Giving Away NFTs on Discord Simply click the Twitter link and all the info and discord channel is there. If you don’t want to be a part of the most Genius Defi 2.0 system ever, then we really don’t want you. For the rest, do yourself a favor and join the Pi Discord and learn some things….. L3 out.Continue reading “Pi Protocol is Giving Away NFTs on Discord”

ValorBK as Explained by Ken Shamrock, and the Upcoming VBK 2! First of all, I want to give a huge shoutout and thank you to Ken Shamrock, ValorBK, ValorCoinOfficial, $GREED, and Captain for creating this beautiful connection between the best rising MMA league, ValorBK, and the best crypto team, $GREED. If you are a fan of MMA, then I implore you to not only watchContinue reading “ValorBK as Explained by Ken Shamrock, and the Upcoming VBK 2!”

Valor Sports Coin | Ken Shamrock’s New Crypto Coin Valor is the first ever crypto coin designed for and in the MMA world. It is partnered with Ken Shamrock’s new MMA League, ValorBK. ValorBK’s first official fight is just around the corner, on April 22nd, 2022. The first day of fights will be something likened to a festival with non-stop entertainment. Halfway throughContinue reading “Valor Sports Coin | Ken Shamrock’s New Crypto Coin”

$GREED Is Taking Over Defi Don’t believe me? Go to their site, telegram, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All about business and family. And getting Defi right. It’s all in the tokenomics. DYOR. If you want a chance at becoming part of something great, get in before it’s too late ⏰ I just did all the workContinue reading “$GREED Is Taking Over Defi”

Ive Got a Whole Lot To Say But Will Tomorrow Come, Or Be Just Another Day

Reminds me of a time…about 2000 years ago….with an Empire that ruled the world with Senators running the show while presiden…I mean emperors we’re puppets, occasionally being taken out by the elites. What do men learn from history? That men never learn from history. And Im not speaking on the taxes in the tokenomics…I’m speakingContinue reading “Ive Got a Whole Lot To Say But Will Tomorrow Come, Or Be Just Another Day”