Earning a Living through Digital Currency: The Wild West Days


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Now or Pauper

Tennessee skies remind me of why I love life

This is the time ladies and dudes. If you plan on investing….start IMMEDIATELY! Bitcoin will be rising as 2018 comes to an end, and forecasts have it at ~$40,000 a Bitcoin by next February. And that is a minimum.

The price at the moment is around ~$7,000 per Bitcoin. And it’s only going to go up. Once you have dived into buying some, use Binance or Kraken for your stock market trades, and Xcoins, Cex.io or the stock markets themselves to buy bitcoin. I would avoid Coinbase and Bittrex, as they have  constantly deceived customers about sending their personal information to the IRS.

I will leave links below for the sights that are safe, secure, and the absolute best sites at the moment. Good luck and keep an eye open as I will be sharing common tips for market trading and investing, as well as ways to earn bitcoin simply through referrals. And on that note, good day! And don’t forget to check out step 2!

Step 2

Feel free to contact us at L3™️ anytime! Will return emails and messages within 48 hours.

2 thoughts on “Earning a Living through Digital Currency: The Wild West Days

    1. My advice would be to use the Dexfolio tracking system, as you have stated. This is due to many factors that current portfolio analyzers are based around centralized currencies. Dexfolio is likely the best and simplest way for DEXF tokens and most true defi coins/tokens/projects. All of this also depends on what your intentions are; are you a day-trader, a long time investor, a mixture of both, or one of the many other ways people incorporate any cryptocurrency portfolios into more than just simply buying crypto and waiting for it to (hopefully) go up. For me, I don’t use any analyzers. The best thing that has helped me is reading the crypto news and constantly watching for what’s happening globally, nationally, and the news for all MAJOR coins such as Bitcoin, Ether, Solana, etc. But also watching for news and hints about up and coming smaller altcoins, especially ones with a large market cap like Cardano, VET and VTHO, XTZ(Tezos,) LINK, DOT, ALGO, SUSHI. For instance, I’ve made a decent profit on Cardano, simply by being ahead of the curve. This is by reading news on it, watching the RSI, and knowing how to read coins stock graphs. If you know of a coin that has a large market cap, you can generally trust that it won’t just fail. When the Long Read of your RSI jumps over your short and medium reads, this is typically a bad sign to people. In actuality, that is the best time to buy into coins, as they will always fix themselves and you will gain much when the correction proves itself. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, message me again and maybe we can talk on another platform with some kind of instant messaging!


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