New Music Station- LonTrès Nonstop Bangaz

LonTrès Nonstop BANGAZ!

Presented to you by LCubed Music!

My credentials for running a music station? I was born into the music world. I have a music degree from The University of Georgia, focus on classical guitar performance. I’ve been playing guitar of all kinds for 21 years, teaching for 12+ years, performed with bands, and solo recitals with classical guitar.

Beyond this, I have a tremendous ear for good music. 95% of music is just awful, especially since 1995. I love music of all kinds, from all parts of the world. I am only biased in music when it comes to good writing and good performance. Production does matter, but if a song hits hard production can be awful and I will still recognize the genius. So click the above link if you wanna listen to my nonstop BANGAZ.


Published by Crypto Careers

I am an entrepreneurial musician whom loves animals and owns a dog walking business in Nashville, Tennessee. I have a beautiful wife who is a Dr in Pediatric HEMONC as a current Fellow. I also have a divacat named Aria 🐈. I also have invested and traded and learned digital currency for 3.5 years every day. I know a little :)

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