My Stats after 10 Days Of Direct Use…Quite a Shock!!

So since I first posted about using which is my referral site, I have literally one had one referral sign up…so I earned about 0.0002 bitcoin from that one referral after using the hits received. So I’m campaigning with a contest for a minimum of 500 legitimate referrals(meaning they sign up under my referral site and sign in at least once, otherwise I won’t get the 35 hits nor the referral.) But this is my contest, if 1 person alone can fulfill this for me, I’ll give them .015 BTC from my .035. If someone does 250 referrals, I’ll give them .0075 of my total. If 5 people give my 100 referrals, I’ll give each person .003 BTC. Now on to how well I am doing and why have none of you signed up?

I was at 0.00075 BTC when I made the article pertaining to this website. Although that was over ten days ago, I’ve counted the days that I’ve spend about 1-2 hours on the game, which is about 10. I am about to show you how far I have come, the basic number of hits one will most likely need to earn the 0.035 BTC. But before I go on, I plead with all of you to sign up as my referral, and start signing up referrals. If you get 1,000 referrals that sign up, you will have far more hits than needed to earn the 0.035 BTC. Now to my own experience over about 15 hours over about 10 days of 1-2 hour use.

Firstly, I have jumped from 0.00075 BTC to 0.00607727 BTC. This is 17% of my goal of 0.035. Now here is how I achieved this in such a short period of time, with only one referral(you get 25 hits per real registration, and 10 more hits when someone visits your site….so 1,000 referrals = 35,000 hits automatically.) Next will show you how I accomplished this much by myself. But lemme say one thing first. If we all worked together on this and actually signed up for each other and helped each other gain referrals, this could be done much quicker. I beg that you sign up for me and help me reach 500 referrals. This means that they must be legitimate referrals that sign into their accounts at least once after signing up under my referral page

There is a service provided called “Investing,” where you can wager on whether the current price shown for Bitcoin will be over or under after 5 minutes. You can wager up to 100 hits at a time. I’ll show you my most recent wagers now:


Everyday you get to spin about twice for hits, and I almost always hit 10 extra hits. Also, every 3 hours you can claim 10 hits for free. There is a faucet and mining, but neither work on my iPhone, MacBook, etc. Those with PC and androids will probably have better luck with the captcha issues, which will earn you the ability to mine for hits, and use an hourly faucet. Now that you know the basics, let me get into how I figured out about the average number of successful hits verse total hits.

So over the course on the way from 0.00075 BTC and 0.00607727 BTC, I often averaged my total earnings by simply multiplying the BTC x the total # of hits taken. The entire time, over sections of about 200 hits, I averaged between 0.00038-50 per 200. This comes out to around 19-25% with an average of 22%. This is how you can guess the basic total number of hits needed to reach .035 when over those 200 hits each hit averages to around .00001 BTC, with some as low as .000005, and some as high as .000015. So with an average of around .00001 per successful hit means you need 3,500~ successful hits to earn .035 BTC. Multiply 3,500 x 5(20%) and we get 17,250. Let me show you more pictures of my current situation.

Earn 35 extra hits per referral that signs up and confirms their account.
As one can see I’m about 1/5 done.

So not only do I ask for you to sign up for a chance to win money, or just to help a fellow crypto user, I am offering large rewards for verifiable registered referrals. Plus you might find that it is quite doable in many many different ways. Anyways good luck, thank you, God bless, ~L3

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I am an entrepreneurial musician whom loves animals and owns a dog walking business in Nashville, Tennessee. I have a beautiful wife who is a Dr in Pediatric HEMONC as a current Fellow. I also have a divacat named Aria 🐈. I also have invested and traded and learned digital currency for 3.5 years every day. I know a little :)

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